Why You Need to Invest in Glass Splashbacks for Your Home

It was brick in the beginning. Then came tiles, followed by waterproof paint. It’s the kingdom of the glass now!!

Yes, we’re talking about the modern kitchen invasion. Glass splashbacks have evidently conquered the space, and it certainly looks like they are not going to leave any time soon. And they shouldn’t.

Glass is glam. It’s versatile and timeless. So it’s not surprising to see Australian home designers continue to recommend glass splashbacks for all of their projects.

Coloured Splashbacks - White

There are some distinct characteristics that make glass splashbacks an amazing investment. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why you should invest in glass splashbacks for a sweeter home.

Enhanced lighting

One of the great benefits of glass splashbacks is that they reflect light. Once it is installed right, it reflects light back to the kitchen making it feel more spacious. This would be helpful if your kitchen is small or without any windows or needs some extra light.

Because more light brings in roominess and that extra little sparkle, it makes the kitchen more welcoming to your family members and guests. Even during dark evenings and blue winters, the kitchen becomes a commonplace for everyone to meet and be cosy.

Personalised designs & options

Glass splashbacks are unbeatable when it comes to choices of designs, colours and patterns. You may choose from a wide range of paints, print images and patterns to suit your kitchen and home. Exotic reds, vibrant blues, pretty pink, sparkling white, gorgeous green and any other colour you can imagine can be brought alive through glass splashbacks.

You can personalise it with your favourite image and photo effects or any design that catches your fancy. No matter what style or design or kitchen is, you will get a glass splashback that goes perfectly with it. It’s true what they say – imagination is the only limitation!!

Strength & durability

During the manufacturing of glass splashbacks, they are toughened through a series of rigorous heating and cooling processes. This makes them incredibly strong and durable. Some of us might worry about the glass being fragile and dangerous when broken. Because of the specialised heat treatment and optimised thickness of glass splashbacks, they are stronger than stainless steel or tiles.

They are also highly heat-resistant. There is no fading of colours or formation of scratches. No cracking, warping or blackening. Glass splashbacks generally have amazing longevity with nothing more than an occasional wipe down.


It’s usually an expensive affair when it comes to home improvements, especially when you look at the upfront costs. Installation of glass splashbacks has its cost too and is often more expensive than traditional splashbacks like paint or tiles. But when you look at the long-term cost, another picture emerges.

Once a glass splashback is installed, it stays with you for a long, long time without any need for maintenance. Also, glass splashbacks are available in the market with incredible value for money without any compromise on quality or design. Even if you spend a little bit extra, it’s highly cost-effective considering the money, time, and energy you will spend over the years for the surface that is in constant use.

Invest in glass splashbacks

Elegant homes come with elegant design, quality materials and creative use of space. Glass splashbacks with their versatility and colour choices, have become an inevitable part of contemporary Australian homes. Being bright and modern, they bring about a luxurious touch to your kitchen.

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