If you are from a Design Studio or Architecture firm, you most likely experience the daily pressures that come from requests from your customers to design and create something that is “just it” – that something which is individual but on trend, classy but versatile, and as luxurious as it is functional.

Welcome to the world of Glass Splashbacks! With a DecoGlaze™ Glass Splashback you can provide your customers with exactly what they want. Glass Splashbacks are not only extremely easy to maintain, but will keep their modern look and feel for many years to come. They can be created from a standard colour range, or
colour-matched to any colour you want. If you are looking for more than just a colour, then why not explore our Designer Range and Impressions Series. The extent to which you can go with regards to the look are only limited by your imagination.

We are happy to provide you samples that you can show your customers in order to help bring your ideas to life. Simply fill in the Sample Request form below.

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