DecoDesigns is a collection of bespoke printed, painted and customisable designs for your kitchen splashback, bathroom, living areas or even your outdoor kitchen feature wall.

This is the suite of options that allows your individual taste to shine through with a truly unique, one-of-a-kind signature piece. Imagine bathing with a beautiful waterfall image next to you that provides an immersive experience.

Our range of printed glass splashback options is so extensive, you can choose from a variety of types of looks including faux wood, brick, marble, tiles or any other texture printed on the glass. These prints look genuine but are much easier to clean and install!

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Printed Glass Splashbacks

For that endless view, we have introduced printed glass splashbacks and wall panels. Using the latest UV glass printing technology, stunning images and photos can be digitally printed onto your new DecoGlaze glass splashback that will enhance your own style. You can choose to create your own digitally printed splashback, custom designed from our DecoDesigns range, or provide your own high-resolution photo to forever capture that special memory.

Our ever-expanding catalogue of popular designs and patterns can be applied to glass kitchen splashbacks and living spaces of all shapes and sizes including bathrooms, laundries and outdoor kitchens. Using your selected image and the measurements of your project, we will create a mock-up of your job for you to review.

Images & patterns available

  • Cityscapes
  • Country Landscapes
  • Underwater
  • Tiles (including 3D tiles)
  • Coastal Beaches
  • Mountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Marble
Printed Splashback Fish Print
Printed Splashback Farm

It's just like being there!

Photo splashbacks for your kitchen can be created from your own image and give you a far superior and permanent finish than other methods. Add character, depth and personality to your home or office with a digitally printed splashback or coloured glass feature wall using DecoGlaze’s DecoDesigns range.

  • Suitable for cooktop and wet areas
  • Installation takes a mere 1 hour to complete
  • Written 5-year guarantee with every order


Having the correct aspect ratio is the most important element in selecting an image for your bathroom, office or kitchen splashback. To fit an area that is twice as wide as it is high, your image will need to have a width to height aspect ratio of 2 to 1. If the image you have selected is square, but the area you are trying to cover is tall and thin, we may not be able to make the image fit. The image may need to be cropped to ensure the correct aspect ratio.

Artwork Specs

We support all industry standard page layouts, illustrations and photographic manipulation packages. Pixel-based artwork should be in CMYK at 1:1 scale ...Show More


CDR, PSD, EPS, TIFF, AI, EPS (with all fonts converted to outlines), High Resolution PDF (with all fonts converted to outlines).


Our DecoDesigns range can be printed onto panels up to 3600mm x 1500mm (if WHS, site access and shape permits). To ...Show More

Designer Range

At DecoGlaze, we’re proud to introduce an impressive product to our Splashback collection – our new DecoDesigns range. Created with two colours and using a two-step vinyl process, this stunning new splashback design option can add depth and colour to any kitchen, bathroom or commercial space.

The beauty of our DecoDesigns range is that we can customise the design to suit your individual taste and décor. A vinyl print is applied to the back of the glass, and then the whole back of the panel is painted in a base or background colour of your choice. The vinyl print is then removed, and a second coat of paint in a contrasting colour is applied. The finish is amazing!

The DecoGlaze DecoDesigns range glass splashbacks can transform any home or corporate space, giving a fresh clean look to kitchens, reception areas, lobbies, elevators, boardrooms and bars.

The Designer Range uses a two colour paint process. Select from our most popular templates or bring us your own ideas and we will work with you to create a unique 2-colour feature piece that will take pride of place in your kitchen, bathroom or living area. This is the ideal option for text, ribbons or accent lines.

Custom Print

Express yourself with a custom designed statement piece for your home. A beach scene as a splashback in your coastal shack, a forest scene in the bathroom of your mountain hideaway, your footy team’s logo in the man cave. The possibilities are endless with our custom printed glass panels. Please note that we require high resolution images for optimal results (see below), alternatively, you can look through our library of high-resolution images for inspiration.

View Image Library

*Have your Graphic artist or photographer submit your high resolution images to scale at 150 DPI or greater where possible. Send your images in to ensure cropped ratio and image clarity.

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