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This includes our own in-house toughening machine, CNC cutting and waterjet tables, digital printing, and an industry-f...

Because of the amazing long-lasting qualities of glass, it has many uses for both the residential and commercial market...

A DecoGlazeTM glass splashback is super easy to clean and maintain. Without messy and unsightly grout, a DecoGlazeTM glas...

As DecoGlazeTM control the whole process, we can warrant every DecoGlazeTM glass splashback we make, sell, and install. ...

Enjoy the staggering variety of Available colours options!

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Frequently Ask Questions

What type of glass products does DecoGlazeTM offer?

DecoGlazeTM has an extensive range of glass products that include Glass Splashbacks, Mirror Finish Glass and DecoDesigner Glass, all of which are beautiful, easy to clean and long-lasting. We manufacture our coloured, mirrored, and printed splashbacks in Sydney at our state-of-the-art production facility.

Can I have a glass splashback behind a gas cooktop?

Yes, you can. When glass is used behind a stove or cook top, it is required to be toughened to resist heat. All DecoGlazeTM Glass Splashbacks are manufactured from 6mm thick glass, and every splashback panel is toughened to Australian Standards - AS2208:1996, AS 1288-2006. The toughening process makes the glass into 'Grade A' safety glass, this is approx. five times stronger than it was prior to toughening

Can adding colours make a difference to your kitchen?

Adding splashes of colour can make a huge difference to not only the look, but the ambience of your kitchen. You can consider us reds, browns, and oranges to create a warm glow, or blues and greens for a bright, tropical feel. Simply select any colour available on our Colours chart - your options are limitless! Splashbacks are the easiest way to add colour to any kitchen design.

How do I clean my glass splashback?

Cleaning your DecoGlazeTM glass splashback is easy. As there are no grout lines or crevices for grease to get trapped in, the flat non-porous surface of the glass makes cleaning a breeze. We recommend using the DecoGlazeTM All Surface Cleaner to keep your new DecoGlazeTM Glass Splashback looking like new for years to come.

Alternatively, you can use your favourite or preferred window cleaner with a lint-free or micro fiber cloth. If you're after a DIY solution, take one-part white vinegar and four parts water, mix it and pour it straight in a clean spray bottle so you can cover the surface evenly with a lint-free or micro fiber cloth. It's that easy!

Are your products compliant with Australian standards?

Every splashback panel is toughened to Australian Standards - AS2208:1996, AS 1288-2006. The toughening procedure transforms the glass into 'Grade A' safety glass, making it 5 times stronger than it was before toughening.

Do I need to send you measurements?

No, you don't. We can arrange for one of our experienced and friendly measurers to come to your home and measure your space usually within 2 - 3 days of you requesting this serviceand at nocost. However, should you wish for an indicative price, you can always send us your measurements and we will provide you with an interim quote. The choice is yours!

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, there is. As DecoGlazeTM manufacture all their own products, we can confidently offer a 10- year written warranty on all Flat and Metallic colours and our DecoDesigns Glassrange, as well as offering a 7-year guarantee on all Mirror Finish Glass products.

Why should I purchase my glass splashback from DecoGlazeTM?

We use only state-of-the-art equipment to cut, polish, edge, toughen and paint each glass product, and employ only trained technicians to measure, manufacture, and install your custom-made product. Because we control the total process, you can have complete peace of mind that you'll receive a higher standard of quality, as supported by our 10-year guarantee, backed by the National Coloured Glass Association.

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