DecoGlaze Is Australia’s Leading Glass Solutions & Splashbacks Provider

At DecoGlaze, we manufacture and install an extensive range of glass solutions including glass splashbacks, glass walls and glass features that are durable, easy-to-clean, elegant and stylish.

From coloured glass splashbacks to mirrored splashbacks and stunning printed and painted and custom-designed splashbacks, we produce Australia’s largest range of quality splashbacks from our state-of-the-art production facility in Sydney.

We offer up to a 10-year written guarantee backed by the National Coloured Glass Association. Our qualified in-house tradesmen will measure, manufacture and install your gorgeous handmade splashback, adding value and style to your property.

Whether you’re looking for a splashback for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, office or anywhere else, you’re sure to find many stunning options, so give us a call on 02 9624 7099 to discuss and book in a free consultation.

Splashback Colours

Choose from our uplifting range of coloured glass splashbacks in vibrant colours, pastels, whites, greys and metallics that come with a 10-year guarantee. Play with the colour selector and see what each splashback colour option looks like in your kitchen!

Mirror Finish Glass

Chic and bright, our mirrored splashbacks are very durable and heat treated to 400 degrees. They come with a 7-year guarantee, so no bad luck here! Modern mirrored splashbacks increase the feeling of space and light.

DecoDesigns Glass

Bespoke printed or painted designs and custom-made glass for your kitchen splashback or bathroom, living area or outdoor kitchen feature wall. Made to look like brick, marble, wood or tiles, with text, pattern, floral or food designs available too.


View our fantastic range of kitchen splashbacks designed to be easily cleaned and look stylish! Protect the wall space behind your cooktop from burning and becoming discoloured from fats and oils and add a splash of colour!


Beautiful, durable and incredibly easy to clean, DecoGlaze’s coloured glass wall panels and bathroom splashbacks create the ultimate style statement for your bathroom. With a wide range of colours available, we can create a solution to suit any bathroom design.


View all the commercial applications for custom-designed splashbacks. The possibilities are endless; from a printed glass feature wall inside a lift to a one-of-a-kind work of art in the office, reception area or for shop signage.

Why Choose Glass?

  • Easier to clean and maintain compared to tiles as there is no grout lines.
  • Toughened glass withstands the rigors of a busy kitchen and is stronger & more durable than acrylic.
  • Unlike acrylic, our glass splashbacks can be used behind gas cooktops.
  • Never fades or stains, so it will always look as fresh as the day it was installed.
  • Our team will be in and out with minimal fuss as installation is much quicker than traditional tiling.
  • Can be installed straight over the top of existing tiles or a wall for less fuss and way less mess.

Why Choose DecoGlaze Glass Splashbacks?

  • We are a trusted and respected Australian-owned company making quality Australian glass splashbacks since 1998.
  • We produce Australia’s largest range of splashbacks from our state-of-the-art production facility in Sydney.
  • We specialise in creating beautiful bespoke kitchen splashbacks made-to-measure with precise accuracy and care.
  • We control the total process, using state-of-the-art equipment to cut, polish, edge, toughen and paint each glass product, and employ fully trained technicians to measure and install.
  • We can have your kitchen splashback installed professionally in around one hour of it being completed and delivered to your home.
  • We offer up to a 10-year written guarantee backed by the National Coloured Glass Association.

Ultimate Surface Solution

Our splashbacks can be readily applied over existing splashback tiles, or direct to plaster board, fibre board, MDF or any surface that is reasonably smooth, flat, and free from protrusions. All DecoGlaze Glass Splashback panels are toughened to Australian standards (if the size & shape permits) and are durable and heat treated to 400°C. Installation by our trained staff takes a mere 1 hour to complete for most kitchen and bathroom jobs. Kitchens are then ready to use – no mess, noise or wait!

Ultimate Surface Solution

Coloured Glass Splashback

DecoGlaze has successfully installed splashbacks in a range of environments. They’re not only toughened, strong and durable glass splashbacks but also are attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Glass splashback can be installed in an array of areas including:

  • Lift lobbies
  • Boardroom whiteboards
  • Elevator interiors
  • Toilet & washroom wall linings
  • Escalator sides
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Reception counter fronts

Coloured Glass Splashbacks by DecoGlaze come with a 10-year written guarantee. The possibilities are endless with DecoGlaze’s exclusive range of colours, as well as, pictures and patterns available as part of the ‘Impression Series’. Not to mention the custom colours that can be created by you. To discuss your new custom-made stylish glass splashback for your kitchen, lobby, bathroom or bar call or contact us online today.

At DecoGlaze, we have a massive collection of coloured splashbacks from which you can choose from – our range includes

  • Black and grey splashbacks that are #1 choice throughout Aussie homes.
  • White, rose-gold and pink splashbacks that are used by homeowners who want a light and soft aesthetics for their homes
  • Blue or metallic splashbacks that are preferred by homeowners who want a unique effect for their homes that’s not very light or dark

DecoGlaze will have the coloured glass splashback that you need to achieve the visualised ambience for your kitchen, bathroom or any other space.

Pink Splashback

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