Seven Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Inviting and Functional for Christmas

Can you believe it? Christmas is almost here again! It’s always a good idea to get ready early to make sure your food prep is stress free and that your kitchen is looking its best – that way, you can focus on enjoying yourself and spending time with family. 

To help you get started, we’ve come up with seven ways that you can make your kitchen more inviting and functional this Christmas, from clearing your counters to replacing cabinet handles. 

1. Clear counters

This is an obvious one but it makes all the difference. Store away all non-essential items before Christmas comes so that you have as much prep space as possible before the big day. 

That blender that you use once a month? Pop it in the cupboard (or the shed/garage if you’ve run out of room). Same goes for rarely used toasters, food processors and other benchtop appliances. As well as making prep easier, less clutter will also make your kitchen space more inviting and a little less hectic once the Christmas chaos begins.

2. Empty your fridge and restock

If you’re anything like us, your family’s eating habits change a little over Christmas. There’s always a gigantic leg of ham, a few giant boxes of chocolates and mountains of leftovers from Christmas lunch. 

Make sure you’ve got plenty of room to fit all that holiday food by emptying  (and cleaning) your fridge before you do your Christmas shop. Having a clean slate to work with can make restocking much easier. 

3. Spring clean

Has it been a while since you gave your kitchen a really good clean? Now’s your chance! With lots of food prep happening and family coming over, it’s a great idea to make sure your space is spick and span. 

This is a good look for visitors, but more importantly it’s a smart idea in terms of food safety and hygiene. 

4. Try a lick of paint

If your kitchen’s looking a little worse for wear, no worries. You’ve got plenty of time before Christmas and a few small cosmetic changes could help bring it back to life. 

One of the easiest ways to revive an old kitchen design is to simply repaint the walls in the space. A fresh coat of white paint can make your kitchen appear bigger, cleaner and more modern – especially if you’re painting over wall colours that went out of style years ago (we’re looking at you, purple). 

You could even paint your cabinets, although you may need help from a professional to do this.

5. Replace your kitchen cabinet handles

Another small but effective change you could make is to replace your kitchen cabinet handles. This is an easy way to transform a dated kitchen into a more modern, functional space without spending big. 

In most cases, you can install the handles yourself or a tradesmen can do it for you in a matter of hours.

6. Update your taps and sinks

If your kitchen really needs an update, it could be worth spending a little more to update the important bits – like your mixers, taps and sinks. It’s possible to choose one that fits the existing space in your benchtop to save time and money and, once you’ve chosen something that works for you, it’ll only take a few hours to install. 

Our tip: rose gold and copper fixtures may be on trend now but in a few years they may be dated. Go for timeless finishes like stainless steel, black and brass instead.

7. Install a glass splashback

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform your kitchen is to install a glass splashback. By replacing old tiles, splattered paint or worn out vinyl, you can modernise and streamline your space – making it both more functional and inviting. 

Glass splashbacks are perhaps the most hygienic and easiest to clean of all kitchen finishes, making your job on the big day even easier. And the best part? They can be installed in less than an hour.

Do you want to update your kitchen splashback before Christmas?

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