6 Ways to Create the Illusion of Space In Your Home

Designing a small home can be tricky. Done well, you can have a seriously stunning space that can even make your place feel bigger. But on the flip side, it can be easy to overcrowd a small room with too many ideas, making it feel even smaller.  

So if you want your small space to feel a bit bigger, you just need to learn some visual trickery. Here are six easy-to-implement tips that will make your home feel more spacious. 


1. Pick a monochromatic colour palette

Let’s start with a general rule of thumb – monochromatic colour schemes create a harmonious and cohesive look. This just means a single colour underpins a room’s design, though it can also be made up of various shades. Too many different colours in one space can be jarring to the eye. So just keep it simple and stick to one colour in different hues. 

2.Let the light in 

Natural light can help a space feel more light and airy, so wherever you can, make sure you’re keeping windows clear to let the light in. This means you may want to opt for blinds or shutters instead of drapes and curtains. If you do decide to go with drapes or curtains, selecting a colour that closely matches your walls will help the area appear less crowded. Install them near the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger window and, therefore, a larger room size.

3.Create as much storage as possible 

Clutter causes claustrophobia. So keeping your home clutter-free will be key in maximising your space. Of course, you don’t have to live a full-on minimalist lifestyle if that’s not something you’re interested in. Adding built-in shelving will help create more space while reducing the need for additional furniture. And, building the shelves all the way to the ceiling will not only give you more storage, but it can help make your ceiling look higher as well. 

4.Make use of leggy furniture 

Bulky furniture is a quick way to shrink your space as it blocks the eye making the brain think that’s where the room ends, even if it doesn’t. Using furniture that has raised legs or clean open lines exposes the space underneath them, tricking the eye into thinking there is a bit more room. Look for glass tabletops, couches with a leg on them and chairs with open backs as these have less visual weight. 

5.Avoid darker furnishings 

Dark furniture is ideal for large rooms, but it tends to make smaller spaces feel crowded. Light woods on the other hand have the power to make a space feel, well, lighter. Woods like oak, pine or beech are great light options. If you do want to incorporate darker tones into your furnishings, consider the previous tip to help you select the right pieces and be sure to balance with a few lighter tones that complement it. 

6.Use mirrors to enlarge spaces 

Kitchen feeling cramped? Installing a mirror as your backsplash will help double your room’s visual square meterage. That’s because mirrors reflect light around the room making it look bigger and brighter. So if you can position mirrors to reflect the natural light, you’ll be doing your space a big favour. Mirrors can also trick the eye into thinking there is another room beyond your kitchen, giving the whole home more depth.


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