Splashbacks vs Tiles: Which Is Better For Your Kitchen?

Choosing finishes and materials is one of the many difficult decisions you’ll make during your kitchen renovation. With that said, there are two main options to choose between – tiles or a glass splashback.

To make the best choice for your space you need some insight on each finish, including their pros and cons. To get you started we’ve taken a closer look at both tiles and splashbacks.

Tiling your kitchen

Tiles are one of the most common options for kitchen renovations in Australia. There are countless tiles to choose from, including different textures, colours, shapes, finishes and even grout colours.

The cost of tiles also varies, from extremely affordable to ultra-premium so you’ll be able to find something to fit your budget.

While you might be able to buy tiles cheaply, installing them may be another story – this is usually the biggest cost of tiling your kitchen. There is also a shortage of tilers in many Australian cities, so installation could take longer than expected.

Tiles also aren’t as customisable as glass splashbacks, you won’t be able to print images or patterns on them. Instead you’ll be left with a plain solid background.

Last of all, maintaining tiles can be quite time-consuming. The texture of tiles might look great, but they can end up harbouring mould and grime and become quite difficult to clean. As tiles and grout get older this problem can get worse so you’ll need to keep on top of maintenance.


  • Versatile
  • Can be affordable
  • Can create texture and interest in your kitchen design


  • Installation can be very expensive
  • Tiles can be hard to clean and maintain
  • Limited customisation

Installing a glass splashback

Glass splashbacks are becoming hugely popular in kitchens all over Australia for a few simple reasons. One being, they look great – they’re available in countless different colours and you can even custom-print artworks or your own images onto them. They’re also versatile and can be installed on almost any surface in your kitchen and suit any design.

Cost-wise a glass splashback can be more expensive than tiles upfront, but installation is almost always cheaper. There’s only one panel to install after all – as opposed to hundreds of smaller tiles. To make the job even easier (and therefore cheaper) glass splashbacks can be installed on almost any surface, including over existing tiles.

Installing a glass splashback is also typically very quick and easy. While you may have to hunt around for a tiler and wait months for a date, DecoGlaze can usually install your glass splashback in typically 15-20 working days of quote acceptance but can be accelerated for urgent jobs.

Last of all, and perhaps most importantly, glass splashbacks are incredibly hygienic and easy to clean. Since they consist of a single glass panel there’s nowhere for grime, mould and bacteria to build up, so they require minimal maintenance and cleaning them is an absolute breeze (just a spray, a wipe and you’re done). In fact, some installers like DecoGlaze offer warranties of up to 10 years.


  • Endless customisation and modern appearance
  • Easy, cheap installation
  • Extremely hygienic and easy to maintain
  • Warranty of up to 10 years


  • While you can DIY install tiles it’s not recommended that you do so with glass
  • Higher upfront cost than tiles in some cases

Ready to install a glass splashback in your home?

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