How To Choose a Glass Splashback Colour for Your Kitchen

It’s a place to banter with friends. It’s the children’s art museum. It’s also a culinary laboratory.

We’re talking about your kitchen.

The way your kitchen looks can make a statement about your lifestyle. A long time ago, the kitchen used to be a small place with just the necessary cooking areas. It was often separated from the dining room to conceal the mess and the smell of food cooking.

Glass Splashback Colour

However, in modern homes, kitchens are larger and serve multiple purposes. With comfortable seating areas, ample storage cabinets and space for work, the kitchen space works in a variety of ways to enhance your lifestyle.

Having a beautiful kitchen is something that many people take a tremendous amount of pride in. From cabinetry, benchtops and even expensive accessories.

Installing new splashbacks is a fantastic way of decorating or remodelling your kitchen to completely change the look. Your choices are huge, ranging from a clear glass splashback, white splashbacks to metallic splashbacks and designer splashbacks.

Figuring out suitable colours

Choosing a single colour or colour combinations for your glass splashback depends on a lot of variables like the appliances, the benchtop, the cabinets and the floor. This makes choosing colours a complex process.

Consider your options carefully and spend some time with your choice of colours. You might need to visualise how the kitchen is going to look with that colour of glass splashback.

Let us take you through some common questions and ideas to help you choose the right glass splashback colours for your kitchen.

Will the colour look different behind the glass splashback?

Iron is an ingredient in regular clear glass and a lot of glass manufacturers use iron in their production. Iron is known to react with paints and colours and it creates a greenish tint around the edges of the glass. This means a regular glass can distort the colour and it will look totally different from what you have envisaged with your selected colour.

DecoGlaze uses low iron in their manufacturing of glass to deliver higher quality and accurate colouring. Low-iron glass has features like:

  • Transparency
  • Brightness
  • Colour restitution
  • Light transmission

Compared to the regular clear glass, the transparency is improved by 5% in the low-iron glass. This leads to higher clarity and the chosen colour is shown through the glass without any distortion or loss.

Will glass splashbacks go with only solid colours?

When you think of solid colours, we mostly think of paint with a standard finish. However, a glass finish is significantly different, and when paired with wall colours creates a focal area in your kitchen.

When it comes to choosing a glass splashback from DecoGlaze, there’s a lot of other options apart from solid colours. With our unique two-step vinyl process, we can create a mix of colours, depth and even imitation brickwork or tiles. A white kitchen splashback finish or a metallic splashback finish can be brought about for contemporary looks and give your kitchen the feeling of space.

Textures include straight lines, geometric patterns, waves, swirls and random designs. These produce an interesting visual experience creating a world of another dimension in your kitchen.

Will the glass splashback colour fade away over time?

The colours and finishes of glass splashbacks can achieve a timeless quality without fading away.

The standard colour range and metallics from DecoGlaze come with a 10-year guarantee which covers colour fading and discolouration. Our mirror splashbacks and Impression Range come with 7-year and 5-year guarantees respectively against colour fading.

Our own in-house digital printing and an industry-first water-based painting system make sure our customers have the perfect colour that stays perfect for a long time to come.

Glass splashback colours for timeless endurance

There are a variety of paints and finishes available. Paint finishes like low sheen, semi-gloss and matt go on for years with the same vibrancy. Flexibility is the key element in a glass kitchen splashback design. It can fit any kitchen configuration and style with endless possibilities of colour, texture and finish.

Apart from the amazing paint colours, glass splashbacks come in digital prints, mirrored glass, patterns and even your own picture. Then there are the designer and Impression Series splashbacks. Imagination is the only limitation here.

It’s time to give some love to your kitchen. Go ahead and transform your most favourite space the way you always wanted to.