Choosing the Right Glass Splashback Colour

Pink Glass Splashback

When deciding on your glass splashback there are plenty of kitchen splashback colours to consider. There are so many choices, in fact, it’s difficult to choose. There’s the warmth of an orange splashback, the depth or darker colours like black splashbacks or the happy brightness of a pink glass splashback, whatever your style, there’s a splashback that suits.

The one thing most people agree on is that a white kitchen brings the feeling of cleanliness into your home and gives the feeling of space and openness. So how do you take white and make it colourful? You add the glass splashback of your dreams and transform it into an open, warm and inviting space.

When it comes to interior design colour trends come and go, the thing that never changes is your choices.

Purple Splashback

Splashbacks and Floors

They may have cupboards separating them, but trust us your floors have to match your splashback. Now that doesn’t mean if you have a marble effect splashback you need marble floors, but it does mean you need to get the right contrast. If you have a small kitchen, then bright colours or even a mirrored glass splashback will be a good fit.

Kitchen Benchtops

There are so many options when it comes to benchtops, but the one thing that is paramount is that it matches everything around it. Your benchtop will be a focal point for anyone coming into your kitchen so having it match your splashback is vitality important. Don’t forget to choose the right colour, texture and durability.

Kitchen Appliances

Maybe the easiest and most cost-effective way to bring some colour in to match your appliances with your colour scheme. Stainless steel is no longer the only shade of grey you can choose from when it comes to kettles and toasters, and white is so last century for your fridge.

You can now use appliances to contrast your splashback and really make a statement in your kitchen, making for a fun way to add colour and ambience to your kitchen space.

As you can see choosing the right colour goes beyond simply adding anything to your kitchen, now with so many choices and so many patterns, pictures and textured prints you can go above and beyond your expectations.