Spring – The Best Time For Kitchen Renovation

The frosty winter season has gone and the awaited pleasant spring season is here. The warmest month where your friends and family spend together always. It’s the best time of the year for a renewal, styling & reorganizing your kitchen, since the weather makes the job a lot easier and helps it go by faster. A clean and well-arranged kitchen can reduce stress and bring positivity to the household. So, why not give your kitchen a new life?

Kitchen Splashback - Spring

If you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen, but not sure where to begin, here are a few ideas that can absolutely bring out the best in your kitchen:

Add some Greenery:

Have you ever thought of adding in some greenery to your kitchen space?

If not, you should start creating your own tropical paradise. This can add earthy colours and natural textures to your kitchen. It’s an easy and money saving way to create a beautiful space. Growing herbs in small planters in the kitchen can bring an aroma that can add freshness and a beautiful scent. Make sure to match the colours of the plant pots with kitchen interiors and furniture. This can bring a more stylish look to the kitchen.

Change your Kitchen Splashback:

It’s time to change your old style kitchen Splashback and start investing new styles and designs. To create a fantastic feel in your kitchen, choose from a range of stunning colours, styles and patterns from our range of glass splashbacks. This can bring new life to an old kitchen and it will become the centre of attention. There is a wide variety of kitchen splashback trends available; Glass window Splashbacks, Mirror Splashbacks, Printed Glass Splashbacks and more.

Update your Hardware:

You have no idea the change you will see when you update your taps and spouts. Even window sills and window coverings can make a dull kitchen seem bright. You no longer have to have a simple stainless steel sink and tap fittings, go elegant with black or try out they new composite sinks for a completely different look.

Change the Paint:

Change the colour of your kitchen with fresh coat of paint. Your colour choice is endless and you can really create something completely unique by mixing your own. Try to make sure you use lighter shades, that make your kitchen seem more open & spacious. Adding metallic accents can help to give a vintage look that is popular these days.


Spring is a great time to upgrade your kitchen. The sun is shining, all is good with the weather and a freshness is in the air. So, if you have been thinking about giving your kitchen a makeover, try these ideas & your guests will be wowed with your fresh new kitchen. If you still have doubts on remodelling your kitchen, get in touch with us today. We have wide range of personalised printed glass splashbacks that can meet your style & budget. Please visit our Facebook page for more updates.

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