Spring is Here: Time for a Kitchen Update

With the winter stews out of the way and a fresh outlook on the horizon, it’s time to raise the blinds, open the windows and look at some fresh updates to your home and your kitchen ready for summer. The days of winter hibernation are behind us and we look forward to adding a splash of colour to our winter mood.

Let’s Add Some Warmth

With the warmer weather upon us, why not bring that feeling of warmth into your kitchen space with spring colours and a warm feel. This can be achieved with many things such as a new rug. With the comeback of hardwood floors, comes the need to protect them in high traffic areas such as your kitchen. The addition of a rug not only protects your flooring but can add a depth to a space that hasn’t seen much sun in the past few months. It can create a cheery, different feel to any space.

What about wood accents? Wood isn’t just for the floors anymore, you can utilise the texture and deep colour variants of wood to accentuate any space and give it a more modern, yet homely feel. You can update your benchtop space, or even use it as a backdrop to your favourite work of art. It looks stunning as a kitchen splashback also, although not practical in its raw form you can actually create the same look by using printed kitchen wall panels in a wood grain.

Coloured Kitchen Splashback


Adding touches of class and colour to your kitchen through the clever use of accessories is such and under rated pastime. By simply updating your appliances, adding a new plant, or contrasting your kitchen splashback with a new print can add new life to an older kitchen without the cost. Change it up and apply new colours for spring into a space that can sometimes look a little sterile and bland.

What about a new knife block, or hanging your utensils? There are plenty of items you can use to create a new and exciting facade on an otherwise stagnant space.

It’s All About the Appearance

Why not head to your local kitchen store and update your plates, cutlery and salt and pepper shakers. Extending your new theme to your dining room table blends your new look and brings your house alive with colour and dinner conversations.

Take away the standard white plates and bowls and accentuate your cooking with bright orange, pastel blues and a hint of black. Mix and match for a true restaurant feel and see the difference it makes to your mood.

The Hardware

Another very simple and cost effective way to update your kitchen is to change out your tapware. Black is the new silver when it comes to taps and spouts and you can pick them up at reasonable prices from most hardware stores. Changing the old style silver spouts to a newer look black tap can change the look incredibly and won’t break the bank. You can even find black hardware with accents of silver, gold or rose gold to match into any theme.

Change it Up

Forget what you used to know about kitchen splashbacks and investigate the range of personalised printed glass splashbacks that are now available to really customise your space. Take a leap from old school standard colours and add in a feature that all your guests will be talking about for weeks to come.

Flat colours are out and bright colours, textures and printed glass are the new trend coming to a kitchen near you.

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