Custom Glass Splashback Installations: All You Need To Know

There’s only one way for your home to score high on the “cool-o-meter.”

Custom glass splashbacks!!

They are stylish yet functional. They are strong, easy to clean and give an ultra-modern feel to your home. With high-quality finish and a greater scope for personalisation, glass splashbacks are in vogue, giving the space a fresh, contemporary look.

Custom Glass Splashback

Whether you plan to install a custom glass splashback in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, here’s all you need to know.

Precision of Measurement

Precision is everything. Utmost care needs to be ensured while cutting around powerpoints, window frames and cabinets. If the measurement is erred even by a fraction of a centimetre, the glass will be rendered unusable and you’ll be out of pocket. For this very reason, It is advisable to always go with a reputable company that provides a free measure when ordering your next custom glass splashback. True professionals realise it’s of paramount importance to have precise measurements during installation and will do all the leg work for you.

Along with spot on measurements, factors such as edge tolerance, cuts and joint positioning need to be considered. Accuracy is key to ensure that the installation is in line with your cabinets and windows. Minute errors in such measurements can ruin the aesthetic integrity of the installation.

Have Adequate Information

Adequate information on what is possible and what is not will give you a good idea of how it’s going to look after installation. There’s much to consider including what look you’re after. Glass comes in an array of different patterns, colours and other effects as well as having a maximum span, so you must consider all this before finalising your installation.

Many customers look for a splashback that is free of joins, and of course, it’s going to look awesome in one smooth finish, but alas this is not always possible. The maximum length we can go in one panel is 3.6 metres so joins may be a necessary evil in most cases. So you can sleep peacefully, our professional installers will find the most minimalist point for the joins and make them disappear into the background.

While there are certain limitations, a lot of workarounds for the edges and notches could be implemented for your custom glass splashback.

A Checklist Before Installation

Before installing the glass splashback here is a checklist to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.

  • You should opt for a glass splashback when there’s a direct heat source such as a gas hob present as the heat resistance is far greater than that of perspex or plastics.
  • Allow a 50-mm distance from electric or induction hobs to avoid damage to your splashback.
  • Due to temperature variations, especially in kitchens, the panels tend to expand and contract slightly. Glass should be installed with a 2-mm gap to allow for this movement.
  • Store the glass panels flat. Also, make sure you don’t store them outside or in extreme temperatures as it can bend or distort the panels.
  • Always opt for a professional installer that provides warranty on their work.

Bye Bye Plain Glass, Hello Digital Print

Glass splashbacks already have several choices for colours and prints, but now you can personalise it with photo effects and images of your choice. Instead of neutral colours in the kitchen or bathroom, you can transform these rooms with a little drama to reflect your own personal style.

The best thing about it is that you can choose any image or design you like as long as it adheres to our image guidelines. You may even enhance it further with some LED lights.

Cleaning the Glass Splashback

It’s incredibly easy to clean glass splashbacks. It can be done using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. You should refrain from using scouring pads or chemical cleaners. Never rub the panel if the surface is dry as this can cause scratches to the panel. If you need to remove strong, sticky substances from the splashback, a tiny amount of turpentine on a lint-free cloth will do the job.

Final Word

If you cringe at compromises and love the idea of a snazzy kitchen, a custom glass splashback would be the perfect pick. But be careful, you might fire up your neighbour’s envy!