The Benefits of Coloured Glass Splashbacks in Kitchen Renovation

Not so long ago, the kitchen had one purpose – cooking.

The modern kitchen has evolved fast and far into becoming a multi-functional aesthetic space. With the new requirements of the family, it has become the centre of conversations and intimacy. It turns into a workspace and an entertainment room upon demand. It could even spur the next million-dollar idea.

Aesthetics, efficiency and economy of movement have become key philosophies in the kitchen space. Clean lines and minimalist appearance are brought about by granite or glass. The modern kitchen is hard to imagine without glass splashbacks.

The evolution of coloured glass splashbacks has made kitchen upgrades something to look forward to. Kitchen glass splashbacks protect the walls along with giving that modern, creative twist to the space. There are many reasons why glass splashbacks have emerged as the top choice of homeowners when it comes to kitchen upgrades.

Coloured Splashback

Hygiene & safety

Ceramic or acrylic tiles can develop cracks in between them as well as bacteria buildup which could be a worrying factor in the kitchen. A stove-top splatter into the tiled wall could turn cleaning into a cumbersome task.

Glass splashbacks are toughened using a series of heating and cooling processes. They are more durable and resistant to scratches compared to their stainless steel or tiled counterparts. They can take heat. No fading colours or materials, no cracking, blackening and no impacts to safety. They are simpler to clean and maintain – just a microfibre cloth and some water will do.

Design versatility

Think of a colour and you can achieve it in your glass splashback. Ranging from solid to pastel to metallic, kitchen glass splashbacks can have any colour you desire. Printed glass splashbacks render bold and unique design statements. Whether it’s landscape or digital patterns or your favourite picture, the possibilities are endless in the printed glass.

To enhance the kitchen space and to magnify natural light, mirrored splashbacks are a great addition to your kitchen.

Glass splashbacks create a sense of space and encourage a more interactive and open plan kitchen.

Modern & adaptable

Kitchen glass splashbacks complement all styles of homes – modern or contemporary or Victorian. They make traditional homes more elegant as well as enhance the creative and playful characteristics of your home.

We can custom-make glass splashbacks to adapt to any ambience and style to reflect the personality of the home and the homeowner. It becomes a statement of your lifestyle.

Psychology of colour

It’s known that colours influence how we think and behave. They subtly affect our emotions and mood. Bright colours and uplifting and dark colours take you to your roots. We already know how significant a place it has in interior design and feng shui.

Colours sometimes have therapeutic effects, and different colours are thought to have different effects on our psyche. For example, the colour red stimulates the body and mind, yellow stimulates nerves and builds an appetite, orange increases energy levels, blue is soothing and is a natural analgesic, etc. Even different shades of the same colour could have different effects like while sky blue is soothing and tranquil, deep blue is intense and shows authority.

Colours on your kitchen glass splashbacks can energise you and your home; can motivate you or make you dull. So, choose your colour sensibly and get your home glow in positive energy.

Enhanced home value

The kitchen is the heart of your home. People use it every day and is one of the most important spaces to consider in terms of value. A great tactic to enhance home value is to invest in kitchen renovation.

Installing a glass splashback gives your kitchen a sophisticated and modern feeling instantly increasing the chances of you getting a good return on investment. Apart from different colours and patterns, glass splashbacks naturally reflect the light in your kitchen creating a dynamic space that potential home buyers will love.

Glass splashbacks for kitchen renovation

Whether you’re doing a home upgrade or a kitchen renovation, glass splashbacks can set the tone with new colours, patterns and designs. It complements other colours in the home and gives a complete feeling to the living spaces.

In our increasingly fast-paced lives, people continuously seek enhanced living and building solutions. Coloured glass splashbacks perfectly fit into the picture. It aligns your spaces with function and beauty. It serves as an intelligent investment too.