The Unique Benefits of Mirror Splashbacks

If you’re asked to pick two high-traffic areas of your home, what would you select? Kitchen and bathroom, probably.

While these spaces have highly contrasting functions, the materials used in these spaces often determine their comfort of use. From the traditional elegance of natural stones with graduating layers of colours to the modern trend of combining light shades and glamorous finish for stunning effects, the interiors have come a long way offering both sophisticated aesthetics and exceptional durability.

A kitchen and bathroom makeover can range from an inconspicuous “facelift” to a full-blown revamp with layout changes. Mirrored glass can play an important role here.

Modern kitchens and bathrooms are embracing the elegant versatility of mirror splashbacks made from toughened glass. This is an amazing design choice that enhances the natural light penetration, solves many design issues and projects a high-quality material.

Mirror Glass Splashbacks Sydney

Let’s say that just by choosing mirror splashbacks you’ll stand higher chances of outshining other properties in the area. When you choose the right elements for your home, you could command the top price if you were to sell.

Let’s take a peep at what make mirror splashbacks such a hot design feature.

The impact of light and space

Mirror splashbacks are famous for their light reflection properties. The highlight is the fact that it brings more light into the space and makes it feel a lot bigger and open. A mirror splashback will reflect natural light and make the space look brighter.

Mirror splashbacks seem to extend the sight-lines as they can be made as one long, seamless section. If your kitchen is small, dark and lacks windows, installing mirror splashbacks is an ideal way to bring in some natural light because the light that gets inside will bounce off them. Even the smallest kitchen or bathroom can appear spacious and attractive.

The open plan design enhancement

There’s a burgeoning trend among homeowners preferring an open plan design of spaces, and they are willing to pay more for it. Mirror splashbacks elevate the open design effect while creating more depth and space in rooms that otherwise feel claustrophobic.

In an open plan design, a kitchen mirror splashback can invite other spaces like dining or living into the kitchen. This creates a sense of seamless integration of spaces and rooms.

The style accentuation

Mirror splashbacks can be installed anywhere in your home according to your creative imagination. Antique mirror splashbacks are popular in both contemporary and traditional home designs. Smoked mirror splashbacks are creating a greyish upscale tint that highlights the countertop and cabinets.

They can be installed not just in the kitchen and bathroom, but also in spaces like a home bar where they add character and texture to create a specific mood. They work well with lighting and accentuates features like a wooden floor or a painting on the wall or the faucet in the bathroom sink.

The ease of cleaning

Well known for being incredibly low in maintenance and easy to clean, mirror splashbacks are good at hiding splatter to some extent. When it’s time to clean, it cleans easily with a glass cleaner to look sparkling new.

The glass panels can be fabricated for over 3 metres which allow only minimal seams. Professional installation services ensure that the fixture looks seamless, and there is no space in between panels for dirt or mould to hide.

The unbreakable value

Put them behind the sink, over the hob or use it as a wall, mirror splashbacks work well anywhere in your home.

It’s elegant and modern. The toughened and tempered glass resists any damage from heat or moisture. It reflects natural light making the space brighter and feel larger. You may choose from different tinting options to give the space a fashionable swing.

If you’re thinking of installing a mirror splashback in a new construction or renovation project, let us know.