Making Your Kitchen Low Maintenance for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and this means your kitchen is going to be overwhelmingly busy. Without the right preparations, scuffs and spillages are just waiting to happen and can tie you up in an endless cycle of cleaning chores after the guests leave. A low maintenance kitchen would really be a great upgrade this holiday season. Don’t you agree?

Upgrades from no-fuss fittings to an elegant and designer kitchen splashback, the following tips cover all these and more so that you can have the most efficient and tidy kitchen in the neighborhood.

Make Your Kitchen Storage Smarter

Magnets, you can never have enough of them. Magnets will help you organize your kitchen better and prevent you from decorating it with spices. Magnetic knife holders don’t just look good but free up your drawer storage too. Bacteria hate metal, so this is an added bonus over wood. With strong magnetic spice containers, even if you pick it up with just the lid, you won’t have a mess to clean up.

Tetris with frozen sprouts inside the refrigerator can be fun. But if you implement magazine holders by the side and keep them on the refrigerator shelves, your stacking problems are over.

Install hardware that drops from the ceiling and can support the weight of your pans. It adds a rustic charm to your kitchen and frees up cabinet space.

Best Splashback for Kitchen

Indispensable Splashbacks

When you combine elegance and practicality, you can’t really come up with a better alternative. A glass splashback is an ideal fit for your countertop and the area around your stove. Other than their aesthetic value, they also keep your walls from getting discolored or accumulating a layer of fat and grease. These glass splashbacks also come in colored versions and are covered by a 10 year warranty period.

You could also opt for printed glass splashbacks that remain timeless and are a superior alternative to wallpapers. These splashbacks allow you to create incredible visual masterpieces in one of the most important and frequented rooms in your home. From waves at the beach and water splashes to a city skyline, you won’t be disappointed by our wide collection and variety.

Your kitchen can also be completely revolutionised with our designer glass splashbacks that offer a premium edge. This collection uses a unique 2-step vinyl process to make a stunning design that will attract attention from plenty of guests even if there’s nothing on the stove.

No-fuss Fittings

Old and traditional kitchen drawers and cabinets squeak too often and take a lot of time to clean up. Upgrade your kitchen fitting with minimalist and modern solutions that allow you to spend more time cooking the food and less time maintaining your kitchen.

At DecoGlaze, we have experience of over two decades and are one of the leading Glass Splashback providers in Australia. Excellent functionality and breathtaking fashion meet here to make some of the best glass splashbacks you’ll ever see. We also deliver throughout Australia. Check out our pre-Christmas sale or contact us for a low maintenance kitchen.