Adding Some Bathroom Bling with a Glass Splashback

Bathrooms are the one room in the house where you need to feel 100% clean when you come out of there. If you don’t feel clean coming out of your bathroom you never will. When people do their bathroom renovations they spend a lot of time creating a space that’s hygienic and comfortable, but then they use tiles as their main wall covering.

Glass Bathroom Splashback

Tiles may look great when you first apply them, and they are sometimes a cheaper alternative than anything else, but after only a few months, without thorough and regular cleaning the grout in your tiles starts to become dirty and turn to mould. A cleaner and more hygienic alternative to tiles in your bathroom is glass. That’s right, not only can you have a glass splashback in your kitchen we now do bathroom splashbacks as well.

Shower Splashbacks

Glass is a great alternative for your shower, where the extreme moisture and heat can very quickly grow mould. With a glass splashback you have no wall seams to clean except the corners and you can simply wipe it down each time you use it. There’s no need to use certain chemicals and harsh bleaches to keep the mould away either. It also gives your bathroom a modern look.

Frameless Shower Screens

 Gone are the days of a shower module that close you and your steam off from the rest of your bathroom. These days the more modern bathrooms have frameless screens where you step into your shower and you don’t need a door to close it off. Having a frameless screen gives you more space to work with and also allows you a larger shower in a smaller room as you don’t need space for a door to swing.

Glass Walls

Imagine the streamlined effect you’ll get of having no grout lines on the walls of your bathroom. It will also ensure that any other areas that would usually be exposed to moisture such as behind your sink is as easy to keep clean as the rest of your bathroom. You can also give your bathroom a unique character with many more colours and styles to choose from.


Mirrors give such an illusion of space that well placed mirror can make up for a small amount of room to work with, and since your bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, it is important to add the right mirror splashback on the right wall.

With good placement and the right sunlight it can also enhance the natural light in your bathroom giving you that sense of daylight and saving your electricity at the same time.

Glass Prints

That bathroom is the one room in the house that rarely gets any pictures due to the moisture. Did you know that you can get your favourite image printed on glass? That means you can brighten your bathroom with hanging art that won’t get mouldy or fade with the moisture that’s produced. A simple wipe over will keep them clean and vibrant.

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