Kitchen Upgrades? Consider Splashbacks

Kitchen Upgrades Consider Splashbacks

Whether you’re the homeowner or the homebuilder, it’s important to find value-adding and long-lasting features for the home. Time spent in the home is quite often spent around the kitchen, with open kitchens becoming more and more common. For this reason, the first upgrades you do for your home will usually have the kitchen in mind. The kitchen is often the centre of attention for potential buyers too – making it a very valuable area of the property.

If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen with a remodel, whether for appearance, more cooking efficiency, or to prepare to sell, then adding a glass backsplash to your kitchen should certainly be considered.

Check out the many benefits of adding a glass backsplash to your new and improved kitchen.


When working with your glass splashback, installer limits will seem endless. Glass far exceeds stainless steel, wood, and tile in customisation ability. Any colour can be painted on the back of the glass to enhance your kitchen. Matching existing colours throughout the kitchen and creating contrast are much more achievable with glass splashbacks.



It doesn’t end with colour choices. Having an image printed onto the back of a glass splashback can have a very large impact on the look of your kitchen. If stainless steel appliances are in the kitchen or a future plan, then a very popular trend at the moment is the use of metallic paints, with silver offering the ability to match stainless steel features and appliances.

Effortless cleaning

Cleaning your glass splashback will be the easiest chore on your list. Unlike tile and grout, which will stain over time, glass splashbacks will keep walls spotless, grease-free and sauce-free.

Scrubbing walls will become a thing of the past, as a simple spray and wipe will do. You’ll no longer have to worry about spills, splatters, and stains leaving permanent marks on your walls and cabinets.

Increased hygiene

Kitchens and bathrooms are not the places for bad hygiene. Unlike tile backsplashes, or tiled walls, glass splashbacks are non-absorbent and non-porous. Keep mold out of the kitchen and bathrooms with glass splashback, as they’re durable against humidity.

Fast installation

Fast installation

Glass splashbacks are fast and convenient to install. You can avoid the inconvenience of other material installations, such as tile or marble. Ensure you ask a professionals to measure, manufacture and install your splashback.


Glass splashbacks aren’t fragile. They’re made to be tough and handle the wear and tear of everyday life, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen. Typically, the glass is 10mm of toughened glass that complies with safety standards. No need to worry about shattered glass if hit with something, and it can also handle the heat in the kitchen.


Depending on the scale of your project, tile can sometimes be considered less expensive to install.

However, the benefits of glass splashbacks are numerous and add up to savings for you in the long run. While others are continuously re-tiling and re-grouting their kitchens and bathrooms, glass splashbacks endure through wear and tear with effortless cleaning and durability.

Custom glass splashbacks will make a dramatically change the look and feel of your space. Pick a Kitchen Splashback That Matches Your Personality. Make your splashback installation seamless with DecoGlaze – contact us today to discuss your options.