Kitchen Design Trends: Making the Splashback a Focus

Kitchen Design Trends Making the Splashback a Focus

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of any modern home. It is where the family is fed and where visitors are welcomed and entertained. Kitchen design is therefore an extremely important part of any home renovation or re-modelling. The kitchen should be a visually appealing area, but it should also be completely functional in its design. Benchtops, cupboards, and shelves are all integral parts of a kitchen that have primary functions but also benefit from design elements that add visual impact.

As something that is designed to protect the wall from the messes of cooking, the splashback is often neglected when it comes to kitchen design and décor. A splashback can be anything from a smaller strip behind the cooktop to a full wall piece. A splashback can add a large amount of decorative flair to a kitchen by way of colour, material, and texture, and these are the main elements to consider when choosing one for your home.


Usually the first decision to make when installing a splashback is the material from which it will be constructed. Any of the common materials can be tailored according to personal preference. Tiles are the traditional option, and stone or marble splashbacks can be matched exactly to kitchen benchtops.

Glass is an extremely popular splashback choice as it provides a contemporary look, can be installed without joins, and is also very easy to maintain. In recent years, the option to customise glass splashbacks has become available with techniques such as digital printing allowing for the printing of any photograph or design on the surface. This adds an extremely personal element to the kitchen and will be sure to attract attention. Mirrored glass is also a very popular choice as it creates an element of space, reflecting light and making your kitchen look airier, larger, and roomier.

Stainless steel is another material proving to be a popular choice in modern homes as it adds an element of contemporary industrial chic while matching appliances. Another bonus of stainless steel is that it’s easy to wipe down, although unlike glass, streaks and fingerprints can remain visible on the surface. For those on a budget, laminate is another popular choice that provides plenty of design options and easy maintenance.


Consider whether the splashback should match the rest of your kitchen benchtops and cabinets, or whether a contrast would have more of an impact. Most materials have a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, so finding the right colour scheme to complement the rest of your kitchen and home is not usually an issue.

Matching the colours of your splashback and kitchen will create a streamlined look, while contrasting the colours will be visually striking and draw the eye in, making the splashback the true focus of your kitchen. Coordinating colours is a good way to differentiate the splashback from the benchtop while maintaining a cohesive feel throughout the kitchen, and ultimately the entire home. Installing a coloured glass splashback can do wonders for your kitchen.


As a subtle and often overlooked variable, texture can make an extremely significant difference to the overall look and feel of a room. In the kitchen, a textured splashback can help to add another dimension, making things interesting and creating a subtle focal point. Textures can also help to tie your kitchen together, with subtle textures and patterns that link a splashback with the dining table or chairs, for example.

The splashback no longer needs to be an ignored blank wall space behind your cooktop and sink. Injecting some creativity into this space can do wonders for the design and ambience of your entire kitchen, creating a focal point that attracts the attention of all who walk in. In addition, it protects your walls from oil splashes and makes cleaning up after cooking a much easier proposition. All that’s required when you have a splashback is a simple wipe down, particularly if it’s made from glass, and your kitchen will feel like new again.

To get some ideas of how splashbacks are being integrated into modern kitchens all over the country and world, simply have a look at some interior design blogs and you’ll find plenty of unique and creative inspiration. As more people start to pay attention to their splashbacks, the modern materials of glass and mirror are coming to the forefront and being embraced from a home design and interior decorating perspective.