Is a Kitchen Splashback Really Necessary?

There are so many components to designing a new kitchen and your kitchen splashback is one of them. Some people aren’t sure if they even need a splashback in the kitchen as they are unsure as to exactly what it does, they just know people use them. It doesn’t seem to have a function like a benchtop, or cupboards, but it is essential. Below we will outline why a kitchen splashback is just as important as your sink.


Not much in your kitchen is as customisable as your splashback. To add a unique look and feel to your kitchen you can change your splashback to a pattern, colour or even an image that represents you as a person and the feeling you want within your kitchen. It can even add a feeling of space to small kitchen by using a mirrored splashback instead of an ordinary tiled or colour.

Splashback for Kitchen


The wall behind your cooktop and your sink is usually made out of plaster and won’t like heat or moisture. Without a splashback you run the risk of having to replace this piece of wall over the years as the heat from your stove top and splashes from your taps will start to erode the gyprock over time. It will also start to absorb smells from the oils and discolour depending on the type of cooking you are doing. It’s important to keep your family safe from potential hazards such as fire as the wall starts to heat up. If you have a gas stove, this is even more pertinent as they heat up to a much higher degree than electric stoves.


The last place you need bacteria is your kitchen. When you’re cooking for friends and family you want clean, bacteria free surface at all times. A kitchen splashback panel is the easiest piece in your kitchen to clean and maintain. If you utilise a glass splashback it can be as simple as wiping it down with some soapy water to remove any oil spills and splashes after cooking. This will ensure that you’re kitchen stays clean, fresh and odour free.

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Although adding a splashback up front will add cost to your kitchen, in the long run it will save you more than it’s upfront outlay. Think about the future cleaning cost or replacing a wall that has rotted away with constant exposure to water. The amount of time you’ll save cleaning a splashback compared to a bare wall will be huge as a quick wipe over and you’re done.


There really is no argument that should make you leave out your kitchen splashback because in the large scheme of things, the cost is minimal compared to the complete money outlay and the benefits far outway it in the long run. For ease of use, cleanliness and protection there is nothing else that compares to a full glass kitchen splashback panel. It will save you thousands in repairs, cleaning and worry in the long run and will make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.