Pros and Cons of Tiles V Glass Splashbacks

When building your kitchen the piece that seems to be the hardest to choose is your splashback. With so many options on the market today it can be hard to know which best suits your style, theme and home. Two of the most common splashback types that are in 99% of all kitchens are tiles and glass. They both have their uses and also their own good and bad points so let’s look at why you’d choose one or the other for your next kitchen project.

tiles vs glass splashbacks - a mirrored glass kitchen splashback


Tiles are a versatile way to make your kitchen change style in an instant. You can create many looks with tiles so let’s look at the top 3 pros and cons.



As mentioned tiles can change a look with placement, colour, size and shape all being modified. They come in an endless supply of all these features and can be used for many purposes.


Tiles have a huge range of colours available to you and you can customise to your kitchen and the look and feel you’re after. The subway tile look is really big at the moment with smaller white tiles making up the look.


Tiles can be quite cost effective and because there are so many mainstream shops selling them you can grab yourself bargains if you look around.

tile vs glass splashbacks - a kitchen with a tile splashback



With grout being a main factor in tiling, they can be pretty unhygienic if you don’t keep on top of the cleaning. Getting grease and oil out of grout isn’t easy so they can look dirty and old long before they should.


Although the cost of your tiles may be quite low, the cost of a good, qualified tiler to install them can sometimes blow your budget if you’re not careful. The long term maintenance also means that you may need to regrout at some point to get rid of the grease so make sure you factor this in.

Limited Customisation

Although there are plenty of colour options, you’re mostly stuck with a plain solid background. You can’t add pictures, patterns etc unless they are made up of these solid colours. You are also a little limited in custom colours so you need to stick with whatever is mass produced.


Let’s Look at Glass

Although this can be a little more costly up front the customisation is truly endless.



There is nothing more hygienic than glass in a kitchen. You can simply wipe it over with disinfectant and it’s done. There are no grout lines, or crevices that you need to worry about and it will never end up with a buildup of grease and oil to worry about.


You can do anything with glass, and we mean anything. If you want a rainbow over the kitchen sink then it can be done. You can even have a collage of all your wedding photos. There are plain colours, gradients, patterns and pictures so the sky’s the limit with customisation.


Glass splashbacks can be ordered, manufactured and installed in a little over a week. No waiting for glue to dry or grout to harden. An installer comes in with the glass already cut and installs within a few hours.

A printed kitchen glass splashback



The upfront cost of glass will always be a little higher as the overall maintenance is next to zero.

Too Many Choices

Some may not see this as a negative, but with the amount of choices out there it can be almost impossible to choose what you want.


Although you may be able to fit your own tiles it is not recommended doing this with glass. You need special equipment and any tampering will void the warranty.


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