White Kitchen Glass Splashbacks – The Universal Solution!

Coloured Glass Splashback - White

The main aim of a kitchen glass splashback is to prevent splashes, stains and damage caused by food preparation. While glass is usually perceived as fragile, specially prepared toughened glass is used in splashbacks so that it is durable and wear-resistant. Another thing worth mentioning for those who worry about hygiene in their kitchen is that glass is more hygienic since it has a flat, smooth surface, which prevents pollution, mould growth, or fat splatters by making it much easier to clean after food preparation. A swipe with a cleaning solution and cloth usually is all that is needed.

Kitchen splashbacks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also do an excellent job of protecting the walls against smoke, dirt and humidity. It gives your kitchen a contemporary, gorgeous look and is one of the best indoor additions you can invest in. In addition to offering such a wonderful look to the place, there are many ways kitchen splashbacks are suitable for your kitchen. This is why we feel that no kitchen should be without one. However, you should ensure that proper care is taken of your glass splashback to ensure it lasts for a very long time.

Thanks to its reflective effect, white helps increase the impression of space in your kitchen. This makes white splashbacks an essential element in the design of smaller kitchens. Further, you can create a very stylish interior while covering the wall with a white glass splashback. If the room is decorated in light colours and features an evergreen design, that will never get outdated, your kitchen will be the happy place in your home.

White glass splashbacks create excellent backdrops and can be either the base design or provide a supporting role to bolder colours.  In general, glass splashbacks style and functionality have gained them a lot of attention. The variety available in the market ensures that everyone will have one to match their taste and preference.  A glass splashback based on the colour and colours you can combine with a white glass kitchen can make a big difference. It can either restrain the interior of your kitchen or give it perfect luminosity. They can also create an elegant classical kitchen style and an effortless country-style kitchen. No matter what kitchen style you want, the white glass kitchen splashback will indeed complement it.

But the real difference between glass splashbacks and other materials is the appearance. Glass splashbacks are available in a broad range of colours, enhancing or contrasting your existing design to create a beautiful space. By installing a patterned splashback, you can also create an interesting focal point.

Aside from the colour options, glass is a clear and brilliant material that reflects light, providing a warm, airy environment needing minimal additional lighting. Fixing a glass splashback in your kitchen will give it a sleek, modern look. If you’re looking for one for your home, DecoGlaze offers a variety of coloured glass that may be used to make a visually appealing and long-lasting splashback. Get in touch with us to get your dream kitchen.

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