Kitchen Glass Splashback Ideas for Stylish Kitchens

kitchen coloured splashback

Have you ever finished cooking in your kitchen and then noticed the splatters on your walls? Heat and food stains can damage your kitchen walls over time. Splashbacks have a significant role to play in preventing this. They protect the walls of your kitchen from heat, dirt and stains and have become a must-have for any kitchen. Kitchen splashback ideas are tough and easy. Easy because they are a no-brainer solution to keeping your kitchen clean. Tough due to the sheer variety of materials and their properties which makes selecting the correct one a trifle complicated.

Choosing the proper kitchen backsplash is a crucial part of the renovation and installation process. After all, splashbacks aren’t just for decoration; they also protect your walls from damage caused by spills and steam while cooking. Here we discuss the best kitchen splashback ideas for your kitchen.

Your splashback can be made of several materials, colours, and textures, and it can help to frame the rest of your kitchen’s design. If you are looking for a good splashback idea, please continue reading to learn which backsplash is best for your kitchen and learn about its benefits and drawbacks.

There are many options available when you look at splashback ideas for kitchens. The choices range from tiles, laminate, steel, glass and many others.

Tiled splashbacks are an option in the kitchen, and tiles come in various shapes, colours, and patterns. On the other hand, tiles are not always easy to clean and maintain, and the grout may need to be replaced to maintain the looks after a time.

Mosaic tiles can be utilised as a kitchen splashback to bring a unique element to the space. However, maintenance can again be an issue.

Stainless-steel splashback is a timeless option. It’s simple to clean, attractive, and can endure any heat from the stove. But they are very susceptible to scratches.

Laminate splashbacks are easy to install and maintain, but they cannot be near open flames. They are susceptible to heat, and we have to keep that in mind whenever installing them.

This brings us to glass splashbacks –

Kitchen glass splashbacks are the epitome of how design and practicality combine to create visually stunning and practical solutions to maintaining your kitchen work areas. The splashback ideas implemented decide what catches our eye when we enter a kitchen. The splashback is of prime importance when considering the aesthetics while designing a kitchen. It is tough to beat glass splashbacks for the dual purpose of practicality and good looks. A glass splashback not only protects your walls from any splashes or spillages but also prevents damage from heat and steam to the walls. Just imagine how the area behind a microwave, stove, oven sink, or any other frequently used spaces in a busy kitchen would look if it were not for the splashbacks protecting them.

They have a good finish and give a high-end appearance to the kitchen. Glass splashbacks look a lot more polished and feel a lot more premium than most of the other choices. The various colour combinations and shapes available can make a strong statement for you and ensures your kitchen reflects your spirit.

The use of glass splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular. They’re in very high demand right now. It’s debatable whether it’s because of their looks or practicality but there’s no doubting their appeal. If you’re renovating your kitchen, this is an excellent option for you. A glass backsplash will undoubtedly make your regular kitchen a great looking one.

They’re straightforward to clean. The smooth surface of glass splashbacks makes cleaning a breeze and simple to clean without using a lot of cleaning chemicals. More elaborate layouts with plenty of nooks and crannies and mixed materials like stone and metal may require more upkeep.

To put things succinctly, glass splashbacks are good looking, durable, low maintenance and heat and dirt resistant. The sheer variety available makes it easy to match any kitchen. If you wish to go for a glass splashback for your kitchen or bathroom or anywhere you want to, come to the best glass splashback dealers in town. DecoGlaze will take care of you. Your home and kitchen will never be the same again. Visit us at or call us at 02 9624 7099 to avail of the best selections in glass splashbacks you can get.

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