How To Ensure a Fuss-Free Kitchen This Christmas

Does your kitchen need some Christmas cheer? Year in and year out, our kitchens serve us so willingly, so this Christmas show your kitchen the gratitude it deserves by giving it a much-needed facelift, while ensuring a fuss-free upkeep.

With Christmas around the corner, we can all agree that the kitchen ends up being the room we spend the amount of time in, and where most time is spent bringing it to its former glory once your guests have long departed. That’s why a low- maintenance kitchen is important. 

We know that an elaborate kitchen renovation before Santa pops down the chimney is out of the question, which is why we’ve provided three tips to brighten up your kitchen and give it a fresh new look without breaking the bank, especially during the silly season.

1. Smarter Kitchen Storage

Magnetic knife holders and spice containers can free up counter space to help you better organise your kitchen and prevent clutter. 

Creating a rack or storage cubicle for cutting boards and other frequently used cooking utensils can save you space, time and effort by having it within reach.

Installing ceiling-mounted holders to withstand the weight of your pans can give your kitchen a rustic feel, while also freeing up cabinet space.

2. Upgraded Cabinet Fittings

Regular cabinet and drawer fittings are noisy and difficult to clean. You can improve your cabinetry with modern ready-to-fit fittings that are easy to maintain and silent, which will ensure more time spent cooking in the kitchen than cleaning.

3. Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

Glass splashbacks are a great idea for modernising your kitchen. They not only add to the ambience and aesthetics of the space they are placed in, but are also easy to clean and maintain. These factors have made glass splashbacks extremely popular in Australia. 

Whatever type of splashback you have, it’ll need regular cleaning and maintenance. However, a traditional tiled splashback means treating mould on grout and there’s nothing as unsightly as unclean grout against an otherwise clean tile and not to mention how unhygienic it is. Cleaning grout involves a lot of effort, and there’s a minimal chance of complete success. A glass splashback eliminates the frustrating process of cleaning grout and is as easy as cleaning as a mirror. You only need a soft cloth and a mild glass cleaner such as DecoGlaze’s All Surface Cleaner.

By choosing a glass splashback from DecoGlaze, your kitchen is guaranteed to be clean and hygienic, plus aesthetically pleasing, tough, strong, and durable. They’re available in a range of colours and designs based on your ideas or you can even supply a photograph to instantly transform an outdated kitchen into a modern one. Imagine a practically new-look kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a remodelled one! 

A glass splashback in the kitchen also adds to the quantity of natural light available by reflecting existing light and brightening the space. This, in turn, leads to less need for artificial lighting, which can help lower your reliance on electricity. A glass splashback can be installed anywhere, and are long-lasting, which means less repairs or rework.

Start designing today

DecoGlaze offers a variety of glass products that are easy to clean, appealing, on-trend, and long-lasting, with your custom-made product measured, manufactured, and installed by DecoGlaze’s qualified in-house artisans. At our state-of-the-art production facility in Sydney, we make coloured glass, mirrored glass, printed glass, and custom designed glass splashbacks. We provide the highest quality glass splashback, as supported by our 10-year written guarantee from the National Coloured Glass Association.

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