Stand Out with These 5 Kitchen Splashback Styles

Your kitchen is a space in your house that every guest will see and stand in at some stage. You want that space to be your unique style blended with on trend ideas and colours to really make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. Make a statement with our unique kitchen splashback ideas.

Some of the best ideas we’ve seen lately are Mosaic, Old school style, Bright colours, unique patterns and of course a signature printed imagery. Now you may think some of these sound hard to pull off but you’d be incorrect. All these styles and looks can be achieved with a high-quality glass splashback. That’s right, we can even make your kitchen look like it’s been tiled back in the 70’s while keeping the surface easy to clean and grime free.


When you think of a mosaic splashback you think of hours of painstaking work placing thousand of small pieces together to form a large picture, or effect with tiles. This same effect can be achieved with a printed glass splashback. Our best kitchen glass splashbacks can have the effect of thousands of breaks in the image, with the effectiveness and ease of glass. By utilising a Mosaic finish you can give your kitchen space a depth of character that looks like it took weeks to achieve in just a few hours.

Old School

Old school charm never really dies! That is so true when it comes to your kitchen. There is nothing wrong with bringing back a bit of 70’s flare in your kitchen by adding a subway tile look, or retro gold or silver tiles. But who wants to tile and then clean all the time? You can have your cake and eat it to, with a glass splashback that has your old school tile effect built in.

Imagine if you chose a black kitchen splashback with a hint of gold, like a 1960’s disco ball. You could really make your kitchen a piece of old school art by choosing a completely different look to the normal white with colours.


Come on, you have to admit that neutral is boring. Why not add a splash of colour and brighten up your white kitchen with a bright blue, radiant red or fire orange. Bright colours are so on trend right now and you’ll find every colour of the rainbow and all in between in our Coloured glass splashback range.


A patterned splashback adds a new dimension to your splashback. When you add a unique pattern you can bring out the subtle lines and curves of your kitchen without losing the clean cut appeal that comes with glass. You can experiment with circles, squares or random shapes. Add swirls and swooshes to define your look and make your kitchen pop. There are many patterns to choose from in the designer range of glass splashbacks so there’s sure to be one that suits your style, the look your after and your kitchen space.

Photo Finish

What better way to show off your individuality than to add a glass splashback that features a special moment in your life that you can look at everyday. If you have a high quality image that you’d like to immortalise in glass then we have a product that will make you say ooohhhhh. We can turn your photo memory into a glass splashback that will bring a touch of personal into your kitchen. You could even choose a few of your favourite images and we can turn them into a collage of your memories that will sit centre stage in your house.

So what is the best kitchen splashback?

Our glass splashbacks are as individual as you are and no one solution will fit everyone. That’s why we have a range that suits every personality and budget. Make your kitchen standout from the rest and really make it a taking point of your house. The opportunity is endless with glass and you can feel as though you’ve kept the best until last with your very own unique glass splashback.