How to Incorporate Colour into your Kitchen

We all know that the all white kitchen is still a major trend in kitchen design, however people are starting to get crazier with their colours and patterns to go with it. Gone are the days of the stark white sterile surfaces that we saw 5 years ago. Trends are now reverting back to the 60’s and 70’s and bringing back an old world style we haven’t seen for a while.

Here are some ways that you can experiment with colour and texture in your kitchen making it the go to space for your guests.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks


The great thing about kitchens is they have to have stuff in them. There is no minimalistic styling in a kitchen, it’s usually the more the better giving you a free licence to accessorise until your heart’s content.

Play with different coloured appliances to offset your cupboards, add some plants, or flowers and display your favourite holiday trinket to give your kitchen some character.

There really is no limit with accessories, you can hang your pots, display your utensils and add as many things as you want to your benches. The limit is only your imagination when it comes to accessories.


Adding a splashback of your favourite old school wall paper to this space can give it a homely charm that’s not often found these days. The past saw people go for that modern, clean and stark look of white on white, so buck the trend and add some texture into your kitchen space with more than just paint.

Wallpaper gives your kitchen a vibrancy that shows off your style and passion for creativity, use it wisely and you’ll have a fabulous, unique kitchen that you’ll be proud of.


This is where you can get really technical and give your whole kitchen that wow factor. Subway tiles were the in thing and now people everywhere are reverting back to the old days of diagonal patterned tiles. The big trend making a comeback is that of the mirrored glass splashback.

When people are looking for great kitchen splashback ideas, they are coming back to that feeling of space and dimensions. A mirrored glass splashback will create space where there is none and really set off the rest of your accessories.

There are so many kitchen splashback designs on the market that you can make your space unique and as individual as you are with that one piece in your kitchen.


Why not play with the benchtop colour as well as the materials. Granite and marble are very popular choices for kitchen benchtops, but why not look at wood. Wood will give you a textured hard wearing surface with a one of a kind grain pattern that no-one else will have.

Your bench doesn’t have to be the same colour as your cupboards, or even your splashback. It can be unique, varied and out on it’s own.

So, when you’re designing your kitchen, use your imagination and go for the bold statement you know you want.