Modern Kitchen Splashback Ideas

When you’re putting in your new kitchen you need to think about the look and feel you’re after. Is it contemporary, rustic, art deco or Modern? If your answer was modern, then read on….

The one thing that all modern kitchens have in common is a stand out kitchen splashback. There are so many options out there today, but if you want your kitchen to be uber modern than you need to consider these options.

Glass Splashback

The whole purpose of a kitchen splashback is to provide you with a surface behind your sink and stove top that is easy to clean, functional and above all stylish. Glass truly is the easiest to clean and the most hygenic, and with the range of colours, patterns and even images you can customise your kitchen as little or as much as you like.

If super modern is what you’re after you can even opt for white glass or a mirror splashback to give a sense of space.

Subway Tiles

Tiles have been around forever as an option for your splashback, about today’s trend is the classic subway tile look. You can grab them in a range of colours, although white is still the most popular and they are a small, easy to clean surface. They can be tricky to install and will require a qualified tiler to make the most of them.


For all the DIY’ers out there perspex splashbacks is a thing now. You can grab them yourself and cut them to size at home. If you’re good with your hands this can be a cheaper alternative to glass, although it’s buyer beware with this one. They are harder than you think to work with and if you don’t have all the right tools and have to buy those also, your savings will quickly disappear for a room full of tools you’ll never use again.

Stainless Steel

The industrial look is really making a comeback and not just in commercial kitchens. Using pressed metals or stainless steel as your kitchen splashback is becoming very common. It’s easy to clean and super hygienic, although it’s not commonplace as yet for residential so you may find it harder to source than other popular choices.


Some people just can’t get their heads around the mix and match of the kitchen. If this is you than your options narrow to whatever you place on your bench. Stone is a hard wearing benchtop, but can also be used for a hard wearing kitchen splashback at the same time, making a uniform space of your kitchen. It requires a stonemason to cut it to size and also cut out any of your power points etc and install it for you. This can give you a modern, luxurious look and feel to your kitchen.