How to Select Images for Your Printed Splashback & Wall Panels

Imagine your kitchen right in the middle of the Harbour Bridge. Or your bath surrounded by waterfalls and forest. What about a wall panel with Sidney Nolan art?

You indeed have the power to steer your own imagination.

Be it kitchen or bathroom, every space in your home has a unique character and identity. Printed splashback and wall panels deliver this uniqueness to any functional space. It reflects your personality and style.

Digitally-printed acrylic splashbacks can transform ordinary walls into centrepieces. Therefore, the image you select to print becomes a crucial decision.

Printed Splashback - Beautiful Art

Initial Thoughts

A lot of people would love to have a printed splashback or wall panels fitted in their kitchen and bathroom but are unsure as to what image they would like to see up there. This dilemma is quite natural when you’re in the initial stages of the process and is a good time to start thinking about the image.

You may start with finding photos and images you like and pin them on a board. Digitally, you may use a Pinterest board for that. This would simply be an exercise for you to become aware of your image preferences and a clear choice would be apparent over time as you collect more photos and images.

Looking around the room and imagining what image you would like to see or what colour makes you happy, is a way to help with more ideas.

Deciding on a Theme

From the breathtaking fireworks of a Sydney New Years Eve, to the monochromatic flying balloons – our clients have gone insane on themes for their printed splashbacks.

Whether it is for a kitchen or shower splashback or an outdoor area feature wall or any other space, the first step is to decide on a theme.

Selecting an image

Once you have a theme in mind, you may search image libraries to help you decide on the image you’re looking for. You will have thousands of images and designs to choose from.

You might also like a photograph to be used. The photograph could be the one you already have or you can arrange for a specific photo to be taken or even a collage of multiple photos.

Remember to look at the room while you select the perfect image for it. The image should complement, enhance or aesthetically contrast the colour palette and the general style of the room which eventually decide the vibe the room gives out.

Factors like the size of the image, whether it’s heavy or dainty, bold or minimalistic, all impact the way the room is going to look. After you research your favourite themes and designs, you would want to communicate it clearly to the designer who will help you create the space.

Professional designers will listen to you and will suggest similar themes and alternative designs so that you can make a well-informed choice. Don’t forget to check image specifications before starting your process.

Image Resolution

Quality of the image depends on the resolution of it. High-resolution images are critical for quality reproduction during printing.

Getting high-res images or photographs from a creditable digital library or a professional photographer ensures the quality of the image. When the quality is higher, it’s easier to reproduce the colours and image details while printing it out.

Low-res images might look good on screen, but when printed to a larger size, it can look blurry and pixelated – definitely not the way your high-gloss printed splashback should look.

Some of the digital libraries you can use for sourcing images are:

You can also buy images from professional photographers who specialise in landscape, fashion, art and lifestyle photography. Make sure you talk to us about your choice before purchasing to ensure it will fit your concept.

Image Orientation

You must be familiar with the landscape and portrait. For a better impact of your image, you need to select an image with the proportional height to width ratio as that of your splashback or wall panel size.

For example, for a printed splashback in the kitchen, your image orientation should be landscape. For your shower splashback, portrait is the orientation your image should have.

Custom images and Photos

If you wanted to go all out you could enlist the help of professionals. Image experts can redesign an image you already have or change its colour or convert it into monochrome – They can do almost anything whilst creating a unique design for you.

You may send in your image or you can let us select the perfect image for you. In either case, we would love to hear from you.

Book a free consult today and get ready for an exciting creative experience.