Top Tips for Instant Kitchen Renovations Before Christmas

Don’t you think that one room which serves you so well throughout the year deserves some Christmas love?

Your kitchen deserves it more than anything else.

While you plan to embellish your Christmas ham with shallots and thyme, let us share some top tips for getting your kitchen ready for the festive season.

With the jingling sound of not-so-distant Christmas bells, let’s agree that we don’t have enough time for an elaborate kitchen renovation before Santa comes down the chimney. But, don’t you worry. Here are some instant renovation tips that can give your kitchen the fresh look you always wanted.

Christmas Splashback

Smarten up your kitchen with a new splashback

Splashbacks have the great ability to enhance both the functional and aesthetic values of a kitchen. They transform the kitchen space giving it a modern ambience and a classy look. They can be installed effortlessly with the help of a professional.

If your kitchen is looking a bit jaded, installing glass splashbacks will not just spruce up the area but they also brighten up even the darkest of spaces.

Let’s look at some of our favourite kitchen splashback ideas for you to get inspired.

  • Tidy up your kitchen with a white splashback

White is a neat splashback colour, and it doesn’t get any more contemporary than a white kitchen splashback. If you love the solid impressive appearance of the calm and tranquil colour, there are different shades to choose from.

  • Get wicked cool installing a black splashback

Follow the trend of creating elegance with a bold black, it is available in both metallic and matte finishes. The black splashback can be contrasted with steel or copper linings adding to its appeal. Who doesn’t love a touch of wickedness in their kitchen!

  • Contrast your kitchen with a red splashback

Passionate, bold and Christmassy. Red is the festive colour, and a red splashback is going to be a statement in your kitchen. You may select from a glassy gloss finish to a patterned design from our range of red splashbacks.

  • Yellow splashback for a cook’s kitchen

This cheery colour makes most people happy. The colour of the sweetest capsicum, or the ripest banana, this is why our yellow kitchen splashbacks are one of our best sellers. It’s a noticeable colour that brings warmth and style to an otherwise functional cooking area.

  • Embrace nature with a green splashback

How about a kitchen that looks green and healthy? Our beautiful green splashbacks come in subtle colour variations and tactile textures. There are different finishes you may choose ranging from polished plaster to stunning glossy.

Splashback for Christmas

DIY storage alterations

Christmas is also time to give your kitchen cabinets and drawers a facelift. Depending on your daily use, you can adjust the space allocation for increased functionality. For example, if you have three dividers inside your cabinet, you can remove one divider and reset by dividing the space equally so that you can keep bigger containers inside.

Open shelving is also something you can try which will make it more accessible and functional.

You may also get our kitchen cabinets a fresh new colour. If it’s already a dark colour, try lighter shades for a refreshing change. Also, make sure it blends with your kitchen splashback.

Get new hardware

Hardware in your kitchen space is like jewellery. The good ones brighten up the whole space. The old, nonfunctional handles and knobs of cabinets and drawers lessen its appeal. These can be replaced with new modern handles, transforming the look and feel of your kitchen.

How does your sink look? If it’s stained and needs replacement, go for that new sparkling steel, composite or ceramic sink.

Installing a new benchtop will also add to the new allure of your kitchen. From elegant marble and granite to laminate and porcelain, you have a wide range of benchtops to choose from.

Bring on the baubles!

These are our top tips to easily update your kitchen. To be in time for Christmas you’ll want to get started right away. It’s time to inspire positive energy with stylish kitchen splashbacks, right-sized cabinetry and new hardware.

So go ahead and splash that new paint, buy some shiny knobs and get your hands dirty for the kitchen renovation you’ve always wanted.