Installing your New Glass Splashback

There are so many factors to consider when looking for your perfect splashback. Not only do you need to decide what material you need, colour schemes, patterns or imagery, but how will you install it and what will it be like long term to keep clean?

There’s no doubt that a glass splashback will look the part and provide you with an amazing backdrop to your dinner parties, but what is install like? It may be tempting to DIY install your glass to save yourself the upfront cost of having an installer, but make sure you’ve thought it through. With any DIY project you need to ensure your measurements are 100% accurate as you won’t have professionals coming out to check them. When it comes to glass you can’t re-cut it if you make a mistake so being out by as little as a few mm may be the difference in a perfect fit, and starting again.

Best Glass Splashback

The second thing to think about are powerpoints, and joins. Most splashbacks have at least two powerpoints to consider and these will need to be cut before the glass gets to you, so once again you need to be uber accurate with these measurements. You want your glass to fit perfectly around your powerpoint and it needs to be in the exact location so that your glass fits between that window frame and benchtop.

When you use a professional glass splashback company they will come out for you and recheck all measurements free of charge. They will then make and cut the glass to measure and come out and install it for you. All your powerpoint holes are pre-cut and fit perfectly as well.

They will guarantee their product for anywhere up to 10years and there will be no mess or stress to deal with. Simply call them out, show them what you need and admire the results. The best part about it is that if they get it wrong, they fix it. You don’t have to second guess yourself and panic about dropping it or it not fixing properly. Remember on any DIY project there is no warranty, so if you’re not confident you are far better off getting the professionals to do it.

Once installed, glass is the easiest material to keep clean and looking its best. Here at Decoglaze we provide you with our specialised glass cleaner to ensure that your splashback stays in showroom condition for years to come. There are no grout lines, no discolouration and no need to worry about heat damage.

So, although we can save a lot of money by doing our renovations ourselves there definitely are some things that are best left to the professionals. Give us a call today for a free, no obligation measure and quote and start your journey to a new look and feel today.