Colour in your Kitchen is a Must

No kitchen is quite complete without a splash of colour. Whether you feel like accessorising, painting or adding a coloured splashback, there are so many ways to incorporate colour into your space to create that welcoming and warm feel to any room. Let’s look at our favourite ways to add your favourite colour to your kitchen.

Coloured glass splashback

Kitchen Cupboards

This one may look obvious but with the trend being white cupboards it can be a little tricky to add colour and still have that sleek, modern finish. Changing the colour of your cupboards can be a bold move, and can really pay off if it’s done right, but choose the wrong colour and it’s an expensive mistake to make….and live with.

Kitchen Splashback

With your cupboards usually above and below your splashback this can be the ultimate space to bring your theme together and really tie all those surfaces and textures into one. Glass splashbacks come in so many colours now that you really will find it difficult to choose. They can range from classic black, white or grey splashbacks to more risky colours such a pretty pink splashback.

A good mirrored glass splashback can also make a huge difference to your space by opening it up and reflecting the light. If it’s opposite a window, it can even help to bring the outside in and make a small space feel large. Your first question to ask is what style and look are you going for as you can go classic dark, bright and airy, open and reflective, or even add your own touch of class and bling with something as elegant as a rose gold splashback. Long ago, who would have thought that there would be so much choice in your kitchen and all with the ease of glass.

The design and shade is really up to you and if you choose a good glass splashback company in Sydney, then the choice is quite literally endless.


If you are going with a white theme on your cupboard doors, simply adding a coloured benchtop can make a huge difference to the warmth and depth of your kitchen. Benchtops come in a variety of materials and colour schemes as well as different themes and patterns making it an easy way to change up the look of your kitchen. Make sure when you’re adding a coloured benchtop that you consider all your surroundings, including any appliances that will be sitting on it.

What about your walls?

The cheapest way to change up the looks of your kitchen is to change your wall colour. Most kitchens have a variety of surfaces including your splashback, benches and exposed walls and changing the colour of your walls can make a huge difference to the feel of the space. You can also get some very funny wallpaper nowadays and these can add some much needed texture to your space giving it a completely different feel.

Although this can be quite fiddly and time consuming it is also something that you can easily do yourself and if you don’t like it, it hasn’t cost you an arm and a leg to give it a go so it can be a good first option when you’re first starting out.

But you must have colour….

When it’s all said and done colour is a must and how you achieve it is completely up to you. A splash of colour goes such a long way to making your kitchen unique and allows you to express yourself with as much, or as little creativity as you like. In the end, it’s your kitchen and we all want it to be functional, stylish and user friendly.