Why you Should Add a Mirrored Splashback to your Kitchen?

Mirrors don’t have to be confined to your bathroom, they go well in your kitchen as well. If you’re looking for an ultra modern look to your kitchen that will make it brighter, lighter and seem bigger than it is, then looking into a mirrored option is the way to go. They are versatile, come in an array of colours and can really enhance the look of a kitchen. So why are mirrored splashbacks so cool right now? Space, for one….


As land size and home sizes shrink the need to think of ways to utilise natural light and enhance the space becomes more important. By adding a mirrored splashback to your kitchen you can get the light to play games with the space and really make a small kitchen seem never ending. You can also use it to bounce that light around a room, especially in an open plan apartment or smaller space.

Kitchen Splashback


Mirrored splashbacks are made of glass meaning you have no grout lines, you have no porous surface that attracts dirt and you can clean it off with the wipe of a cloth. Unlike stainless it won’t show fingerprints and will just look a whole lot cleaner than tiles, or any other darker colour splashback.


When you think of a mirror we only usually imagine silver, right? Well, today you can get an array of colours with a mirrored finish making it colourful, reflective and bright. You can play with the colour that bounces off the mirror to shade walls and cupboards and give you kitchen a whole new dimension and depth that wasn’t there before.

They’re timeless

Unlike funky finishes like subway tiles, a mirrored splashback will never be out of fashion. They blend seamlessly with your benches and cupboards, whilst making them stand out with extra reflection and light. They can be used anywhere in the kitchen without looking out of place. Use them behind your stove, at the back of your benchtops and anywhere else you’d like wall protection with the glamour of a mirrored surface.

 When you’re trying to decide what to use in your kitchen renovation, make sure you look into the versatility of a mirrored splashback. It won’t just give you the look of extra space, it will bring out a side to your kitchen you’ve never seen before.