15 Inspiring Printed Glass Feature Wall Ideas

Glass offers a timeless quality and a modern, sophisticated aesthetic to any home or office space. If you’re looking to add class and elegance to your interiors or outdoor area, printed glass feature walls are an excellent solution.

In addition to being highly versatile – from decorative glass panels that add character to glass feature walls that double as stunning wall art – printed glass will bring your surroundings to life. Besides outstanding durability, glass wall panels are also super easy to clean, which makes maintenance a breeze.

Thanks to modern UV glass printing technology, we can now use digital printing to custom-design your glass feature wall to resemble stone, tiles, and bricks, as well as depict stunning images, vibrant prints and colours. Whether it’s an image or design you’d like to print on glass wall panels or you prefer to choose from our DecoDesigns range, get in touch for a free consult!

Need inspiration for your interiors? Here are our top 15 printed glass feature wall ideas for your home or office.

1. Colour Chaos

colour chaos - glass feature wall ideas

Add a pop of colour to your office lounge or breakout area. Make the most of your walls with this colourful wall art that serves as a conversation piece. Ideal as a contrast for clean and minimalist interiors.


2. Cityscape

cityscape - glass feature wall ideas

For an urban vibe, imagine having this panoramic view of your favourite city skyline gracing your walls. It’s a great way to relive memories and transport yourself to a different place and time.


3. Orchid Drama

orchid drama - glass feature wall ideas

Wow your guests with a breathtaking statement piece like this captivating feature wall of orchids. Printed in high-resolution to showcase these exquisite flowers in all their glory, your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this gorgeous wall art.


4. Words & Illustrations

words & illustrations - glass feature wall ideas

You can also opt for originality with handwritten text and hand-drawn illustrations. Whether you hire a professional graphic designer or design it yourself, feel free to flex those creative muscles and stamp your individuality on your walls.


5. London Bus

london bus - glass feature wall ideas

Rather than decorating your living room with conventional printed art, glass wall art adds a unique and effortless elegance to the space. Not only does it look sharper and more impressive, but it’s also much easier to clean.


6. Outback Vibes

outback vibes - glass feature wall ideas

This one’s for the lads who love a good grill and whiskey party. Dress up your outdoor grill area with this rugged Jack Daniels glass feature wall. It’s the perfect outback setting to chill out with your pals over a smokey dram and juicy steak!


7. Graffiti Brickwork

graffiti brickwork - glass feaure wall ideas

Instead of the typical red or brown brickwork, what about a rainbow graffiti over a brick wall for a playful pop of colour? It doesn’t always have to be the standard colours or designs. Feel free to express your personality.


8. A Gushing Waterfall

a gushing waterfall - glass feature wall ideas

How about this life-sized gorgeous waterfall feature wall? Can you hear the gushing sounds of the cascading water and feel the cooling mist on your skin? If you’re looking to add an air of tranquillity to your surroundings, this spectacular glass wall art will do that and more.


9. Tulip Cheer

tulip cheer - glass feature wall ideas

Wish you could enjoy tulips all year round? Now you can, with printed glass wall panels featuring these vibrant blooms in uplifting colours that’s bound to lift the spirits and brighten up the space.


10. Marine Life

marine life - glass feature wall ideas

Bring the phenomenal beauty of marine life into your home. Now you don’t have to go scuba diving to enjoy the wonders of underwater life. Enjoy a front-row seat to vibrant-coloured fish, exotic eels, and bright coral reefs from the comfort of your home or office.


11. Baobab in the Desert

baobab in the desert - glass feature wall ideas

Executive meeting rooms need a professional ambience with minimal distractions for focused and productive discussions. A carefully chosen piece of wall art, especially on printed glass, sets the right tone and atmosphere, as demonstrated by this example of a beautiful baobab in a peaceful desert.


12. Water Flow

Water Flow - glass feature wall ideas

Add a calming water motif to your walls that’s classy yet easy on the eyes. This water flow design on glass wall panels will transform your space into a welcoming retreat you’ll appreciate after a long day at work.


13. A Walk in the Woods

a walk in the woods - glass feature wall ideas

Here’s another soothing feature wall design: a lovely image of an enchanting forest printed on glass wall panels for your kitchen or living room. It might even inspire you to take time off to enjoy an actual walk in the woods and reconnect with nature.


14. Calming Waters

calming waters - glass feature wall ideas

If you love the ocean and beach, you’ll adore this mesmerising glass splashback print. Feel the sun on your face as you tune in to the therapeutic sound of crashing waves and dig your toes into the soft, comforting sand.


15. Marble

Marble - glass feature wall ideas

An evergreen choice for modern home interiors, marble offers an incomparable air of luxury to any space. The good news is you can now have decorative glass panels digitally printed to look like marble. They look just as good but cost a lot less!


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