21 Modern Kitchen Splashback Ideas You’ll Love

If you’re embarking on a kitchen remodel, don’t make the mistake of relegating your kitchen splashback design to an afterthought. It might seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of your overall kitchen design and storage planning, but including it as an integral part of your kitchen makeover will ensure a cohesive look and feel.

Rather than settling on a splashback that will work with your chosen kitchen design and countertop materials, factoring it into the preliminary design of your new kitchen allows for personalised modern splashback ideas that will set the right tone and make a statement.

There are a ton of options available for modern kitchen splashbacks – tiles, acrylic, glass, stone, stainless steel, and more, but did you know that advanced UV glass printing technology has made it possible to digitally print almost any kind of look and design onto glass splashbacks?

The beauty of this is the ability to custom-design your glass splashback to resemble tiles, marble, or any other material, besides featuring stunning images and vibrant prints, with the huge benefit of easy-breezy cleaning, fuss-free installation, and outstanding durability.

To show you exactly what we mean, here are 21 modern kitchen splashback ideas for glass splashbacks you’re bound to love!

Kitchen with a View


If you have a kitchen overlooking nature or any kind of scenic view, why not make the most of it with a clear glass splashback? Not only will you be able to enjoy the gorgeous view while cooking, but a window splashback will flood your kitchen with the delicious warmth of natural sunlight on those bright, sunny days.

For privacy, you can install blinds or add screening plants so your kitchen isn’t completely visible from the outside.

Smokey Mirror

Mirrors – We don’t just do Splashbacks

If clear glass isn’t a suitable option but you like the idea of brightening up your kitchen, a mirror-finish glass splashback is the perfect solution. An ideal choice for modern kitchen splashbacks, a mirrored glass splashback automatically makes the space look much brighter and more spacious due to the reflective properties of the glass.

Available in a range of shades such as the smokey grey pictured above, mirrored glass splashbacks are as classy as they are sleek and practical.

Mirror Splashback

Mirrors product 5

Prefer a proper mirror splashback without the added colour? It will come in handy if you have young kids to keep an eye on while you’re busy cooking or doing the dishes. A full mirror splashback will also make the space look much bigger and enhance the room’s natural light, particularly when complemented with clean, white interiors and kitchen furnishings.

White Tiles with Black Grout


If you love a clean and minimalist look such as the classic white tiles with black grout but don’t want the hassle of scrubbing grease out of grout lines, we can totally replicate this look on a printed glass splashback.

Yes, you CAN have the best of both worlds: the modern-retro vibe of classic tiles on a printed glass splashback that takes minimal effort to clean. A timeless choice that’s as durable as it is beautiful for years to come.

Cafe Herringbone

Cafe Herringbone

Love tiles but in the market for something bolder and more distinctive? The hypnotic herringbone pattern is certainly one for the ages. Simple yet stylish, the characteristic V-shaped weave adds a subtle sense of visual texture to your kitchen walls, giving the space added depth and personality.

Ideal for modern kitchen splashbacks, a herringbone glass splashback will create the same kind of tile aesthetic but with a seamless, groutless surface for easy maintenance.

Dark Woodgrain

Dark Woodgrain

Dark-toned timbers add chic to the surroundings, creating a sophisticated contrast with bright, light countertops and kitchen cabinets. A popular splashback idea involves installing a toughened glass splashback over a timber panel or installing timber-look tiles, but an easier and far superior option would be to install a printed glass splashback that recreates the rich timber texture and tone.

You get the same stunning visual effect with the addition of a glossy luxe finish, on top of exceptional quality and a seamless surface for minimal maintenance.

Glass Whiteboard


Inspired by the chalkboard splashback, this glass whiteboard version, which can just as easily be transformed into a glossy blackboard, achieves a similar effect minus the matte finish. The major advantage here is that temporary markers are cleaner and easier to wipe off compared to chalk, not to mention less messy to write with especially when you’re in the middle of cooking.

The glass version provides a more refined and classier look while still allowing you to scribble down creative recipe ideas and little messages for your family.

City Nightscape


Are you a fan of romantic city nightscapes and wish you could gaze at the beautiful skyline whenever you want? Now you can! All you need to do is to find a high-resolution image of the particular city and skyline you love and it can be digitally printed onto a glass splashback for your kitchen.

Individualistic and personal, this is a perfect example of a custom-printed modern glass splashback that caters to your specific taste.

Luxurious Italian Marble

Carera Marble

An ever-popular choice in modern home decor, marble will always be beloved for its incomparable opulence. As a cost-effective alternative, now you can have a digitally reproduced faux marble glass splashback.

Visually as impressive but far cheaper and easier to install, your guests won’t be able to spot the difference between the real deal and your Italian marble-printed glass splashback!

Green Geometric Splashback


Versatile in a simplistic manner, geometric designs have a mesmerising quality that’s visually captivating and pleasant to look at. Paired with the earthy timber hues of the surrounding cabinetry, this soothing green geometric splashback is the epitome of peace and serenity.

This enchanting design can be easily recreated on a printed glass splashback.

Graffiti Brickwork

graffiti brickwork splashback

What about infusing a rainbow of colours onto a brickwork background for a burst of energy? It doesn’t have to be your standard red or brown brickwork. With our advanced UV glass printing technology, we can digitally print any shade or textured look onto your glass splashback.

It’s your kitchen; it should express your personality!

Black Matte Hexagon Tile Splashback

Add a dramatic flair to your modern kitchen decor with an edgy and bold black hexagon tile splashback. An alluring contrast that stands out against the simple, white cabinets. Black will always be beautiful, but the hexagon tiles add texture and personality to the space. Available as a printed glass splashback.

Cobblestone Splashback

A cobblestone splashback is ideally suited for a contemporary rustic kitchen, where natural materials and neutral colours conjure up a relaxing vision of simple country living in modern times.

If you’re wondering how feasible it is to have a splashback made of actual cobblestones, it probably isn’t. It would be a nightmare to clean, for starters! But fret not, we can print realistic-looking cobblestones onto a glass splashback that will look just as good and be a breeze to clean.

Water Flow

water flow kitchen splashback

Do you have a stressful job and/or lead a chaotic lifestyle? If you do, this calming water motif kitchen splashback might be just what you need! A modern glass splashback design that’s classy and easy on the eyes, you’ll instantly feel relaxed looking at it after a long day at work.

Have a different water motif in mind? Tell us, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect custom-printed glass splashback for your kitchen.

Classic Glossy Black

The classic glossy black splashback never fails to exude luxury with its magnificent sheen. A timeless colour and look that suits most modern kitchen designs, you can never go wrong with it, especially if you opt for a DecoGlaze coloured glass splashback.

Elegant, superior in quality, and wonderfully easy to clean, it’s no wonder so many homeowners prefer this classic favourite when it comes to choosing their kitchen splashback.

Swaying Reeds

swaying reeds splashback

Feel the gentle breeze rustling through the reeds as they sway to the rhythm of the wind. This dreamy print of swaying reeds creates a sense of tranquility and restores one’s peace of mind with its meditative visual effect.

Curious to see more? Check out DecoGlaze’s custom-printed glass splashbacks for our extensive range of modern kitchen splashback ideas.

Minimalist Charcoal Splashback

Besides black, grey is the other #1 choice for coloured glass splashbacks amongst Aussie homeowners. Striking in an understated manner, this charcoal splashback – essentially a unique mixture of grey and black – provides a graceful contrast against the modern white kitchen decor.

For more colour ideas such as rose-gold and pinks for soft aesthetics and unique metallics, explore our massive splashback colour range for inspiration.

Distressed Timber

Distressed Timber

Compared to a standard timber aesthetic, this distressed timber glass splashback captures the rustic charm of beautifully aged wood for added texture and depth. From a distance, you might even mistake this printed glass backsplash as laminated timber.

An ideal option to complement timber kitchen cabinets and wooden furnishings, this distressed timber glass splashback provides a safe and hygienic option that will stand the test of time aesthetically and functionally.

Silver Ribbons on Red Background

Sliver Red Background

Welcome to the DecoGlaze DecoDesigns range: a designer range that uses a two-colour, two-step vinyl paint process to create unique dual colour feature pieces. Ideally suited for text, ribbons, and accent lines, this stunning splashback design style adds depth and colour to any kitchen space.

This vibrant example features silver ribbons on a vivid red background for a pop of colour. Bold, exciting, and distinctive, this splashback design would suit a neutral or soft colour palette.

Lavender Fields

printed kitchen glass splashback

Find yourself missing the countryside and peaceful outdoors? Now you can imagine strolling through sprawling lavender fields, breathing in the delicate woodsy scent, and drinking in the tranquility surrounding you. We’ll print it in all its breathtaking splendour on your brand-new glass kitchen splashback.

Choose any image you desire: country landscapes, coastal beaches, mountains, anything that can be digitally printed, you can have it on your kitchen walls.

Speckled Glass Splashback

A speckled variation adds a unique twist to the conventional glass splashback. A hot trend at the moment, speckled glass adds abstract texture to the glossy sheen for a contemporary vintage touch. An ideal complement for modern textured countertops such as granite, soapstone, or marble.


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