Four Stunning Glass Splashback Ideas for Your Bathroom Makeover

If you’re looking for ideas for a bathroom makeover, why not start with a bathroom splashback? Besides its functional purpose of protecting your bathroom walls from water splashes, a splashback will completely transform your bathroom aesthetics and ambience.

bathroom glass splashback ideas - bathroom with mirror splashback

Available in a wide range of materials such as tiles, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, stone, laminate, and more, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of each option carefully before making your choice.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on glass splashbacks as they offer greater value for money in terms of customisability, elegance, long-term durability, hygiene, and ease of maintenance.

Can a Splashback Be Used in a Bathroom?

Definitely! Bathroom glass splashbacks are highly effective in waterproofing the shower area, around the bath, and behind the bathroom sink.

bathroom glass splashback ideas - bathroom with splashback

Besides the instant luxury glass automatically adds to your bathroom, glass splashbacks also offer greater hygiene and easy-cleaning maintenance due to the grout-free surface, which effectively prevents build-up of mould, mildew, and soap scum, making cleaning a breeze. Glass splashbacks are also scratch-resistant, ensuring longevity of its luxury finish, in addition to being hard-wearing and moisture-resistant.

Thanks to modern digital printing technologies, glass splashbacks are now easily personalised to cater to individual colour and design preferences. Whatever colour, design, or custom image you wish your bathroom glass splashback to feature, all you need to do is make a choice.

Do Baths Need a Splashback?

Just as a glass splashback protects your shower walls from moisture, water, and heat damage, installing a glass feature wall around your bath likewise protects your bathroom interiors from the rigours of your bath time while creating a conducive atmosphere for your personal relaxation and me time.

bathroom glass splashback ideas - bathroom splashback with ocean waves

It’s incredible what a pop of colour or calming images of the ocean will do for your state of mind and emotional wellbeing. Imagine being transported to a different time and place as your body, mind, and sore muscles relax in a warm and soothing bath.

Is a Glass Splashback Cheaper Than Tiles?

It’s all relative. If you’re considering the cost purely in monetary terms, then tiles are undoubtedly cheaper than glass. But if you weigh the pros – longevity, scratch-free luxury finish, easy-cleaning maintenance, hygiene, higher tolerance to heat, water, and moisture – then a glass splashback gives you considerably greater value for money in the long run.

Glass splashbacks incur a higher investment compared to tiles for several reasons:

  • Glass splashbacks use toughened glass for higher durability as well as improved heat and moisture tolerance.
  • Unlike tile splashbacks that attract soap scum, mould, and mildew in the grouting, glass splashbacks are installed as a single glass panel, which requires minimal effort to clean.
  • The above also makes tiles easier to handle as they are installed in small sections compared to glass splashbacks, which require specialist skills and tools for professional and safe installation.
  • Bathroom glass splashbacks are waterproof and will retain their luxury finish for years to come.

While glass splashbacks might cost more to install, their clear advantages offer greater return on investment in the long term compared to tiles. Modern bathroom glass splasbacks are also available in unlimited colour and design options, besides being completely customisable. Simply put, it’s the more cost-effective solution.

4 Stunning Bathroom Glass Splashback Ideas

In need of inspiration for your bathroom makeover? Here are 4 stunning bathroom glass splashback ideas to give your bathroom a whole new look and feel:

  1. Mirror-Finish Glass Splashbacks

    Mirrored glass splashbacks are dual-purpose; not only do they function as a regular mirror, but they also provide the protective properties of a splashback as they cover a larger area than a normal mirror. The reflective properties of a mirror-finish glass splashback also makes the bathroom appear much brighter and more spacious due to the optical illusion.

    bathroom glass splashback ideas - bathroom with mirror splashback

  2. Coloured Glass Splashbacks

    By far the most popular option for glass splashbacks, coloured glass splashbacks are available in endless colour choices. From the standard black and grey splashbacks to white, rose-gold, and pinks for soft aesthetics, blue and metallic colours for those looking for something different, to unique custom colours, glass splashbacks can be painted to any shade of your choice. To jazz things up even more, you can also opt for a combination of coloured and mirrored glass splashbacks either on the same wall or in different sections of your bathroom for variety and contrast.

    bathroom glass splashback ideas - bathroom with coloured splashback

  3. Custom-Designed Glass Splashbacks

    If you fancy something out of the ordinary, a bespoke glass splashback design might be the answer for you. Be it a unique 2-colour paint feature piece with text, ribbons or accent lines or a fully customised printed image or pattern, you can express your individuality with a one-of-a-kind signature bathroom glass splashback crafted to your specific taste and requirements.

    Glass Bathroom Walls 23

  4. Bathroom Wall Art

    Here’s another reason to go for a bathroom glass splashback: it doubles as durable, splash-resistant wall art that will instantly perk up your bathroom walls!

    bathroom glass splashback ideas - a splashback with an image of a waterfall behind a bath

A particularly useful decorative feature to have in your bathroom where the humidity and moisture would usually prohibit paintings and posters, now you can appreciate your favourite print or graphic work of art while relaxing in the bath or getting ready to start or end your day.

The latest UV glass printing technology enables any high-resolution images and photos to be digitally printed onto glass splashbacks.

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Our DecoGlaze™ glass splashbacks include a written guarantee of up to 10 years. All flat and metallic colours as well as the designer range come with a 10-year warranty, mirror-finish glass products include a 7-year written guarantee, while the digitally printed DecoDesigns range is covered by a 5-year written guarantee.

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