Kitchen Glass Splashback: Tips and Advice to Make a Wise Selection

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Splashbacks are all about adding a statement piece to your kitchen whilst protecting your walls against spills, grease and grime so making the right decision and buying the right splashback for your space is paramount. There are a few factors to consider and in this blog we provide you with some tips to make the right choice.

Coloured Kitchen Splashback


Before you make a decision on texture and colour ask for samples. Most places will give you sample tiles of the splashback you’re considering so you can take them home and see how they match in with your current design. Make sure you take home your favorites and maybe a couple that stand out but you’re not sure about. Ensure you try them up against every surface that they will come in contact with including benchtops, walls, windows and appliances.


Check out the different textures available in the range. Make the decision as to whether you want to go with a smooth finish, a tiled look or even a fully textured look. Don’t forget to explore everything people have to offer as sometimes can get the look of texture you’re after with the ease of cleaning that glass gives you. Patterns, solid colours and even unique imagery can all be achieved when you look into it. Don’t forget you want the best kitchen splashback you can buy to make sure your kitchen stands out and makes a statement.


When it comes to cost know what you want to spend and bargain, bargain, bargain. Most places will have specials on at certain times, so don’t be afraid to ask. It may be as simple as free % off, or you may find free install. In the end when it comes to renovating every dollar counts, so make sure you ask for that discount.

Choose What’s Most Important

Before looking for your splashback make sure you know what are must-haves and what are nice to haves. If you hate fiddly cleaning then a simple to clean options such as a kitchen glass splashback may be what you’re after. If you’re looking for more of a feature wall you may choose to create this with tiles and different textures.

Do your Homework

We all hate homework, but there are now so many choices on the market for Splashbacks that it pays to do your homework and work out what’s out there that will suit your style and needs. There are some great hybrid products and some super unique images that you can now print on glass. This can make your splashback a one of a kind masterpiece.


Know before you buy what you want, what you’re trying to achieve and for how much. That way you’ll get what you want and won’t be disappointed when you see your bank balance.

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