Essential Design Tips for Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Once upon a time, there were a few tiles that clung together behind the sink who fought the stains and splashes and heat to protect the kitchen walls. Fast forward to the present, along with the various new protective measures mankind has taken, kitchen walls also have upgraded their shield.

Welcome to the world of glass kitchen splashbacks!

Apart from protecting, glass splashbacks add colour, pattern and texture to the kitchen wall. They come in various designs, shapes and looks to fit in any home regardless of the décor.

Glass splashbacks are made out of toughened glass that is 4-5 times stronger than ordinary glass. Even if it breaks, it shatters into thousands of tiny harmless pieces. However, a major challenge for builders and designers here is that the glass must be cut before the toughening process. The world is yet to invent something that can modify or repurpose toughened glass.

Let’s talk about some essential design tips to help you get an immaculate kitchen splashback look.

Why Glass Splashback is a Great Choice

It adds to the décor. It adds a splash of colour to the kitchen. It’s easy to clean. There are more reasons why a glass kitchen splashback is an admirable choice for homes.

Glass splashbacks create an airy bright space by reflecting light. They are easy to clean and gives a seamless feel. They make small spaces appear bigger. The versatility of the glass splashbacks suits all kinds of homes and kitchen designs.

Choosing the Right Glass Splashback

The overall style of your home should be a pointer for choosing the right kitchen splashback. You may select from coloured splashback or printed glass splashback and more.

Here are a few points to ponder while deciding on the glass splashback you need.

  • Preference – traditional contemporary style.
  • Design – to complement the benchtop material.
  • Maintenance – glass is easier to maintain and clean than the tile grout.
  • Long term – glass splashbacks last a longer time than the tile.
  • Cost-effective – tile is cheaper but cracks over time.

Printed Glass Splashback

This glass splashback allows you to install your favourite image in your kitchen. You can supply an image of your own, choose from a range of popular designs or search the online photo library.

Digitally printed glass splashbacks create a stylish personal space – be it in kitchen, laundry or bathroom. It transforms the mundane space into a work of art, with a personal touch.

Printed Kitchen Splashbacks

Get the Right Kitchen Plan

The measurement and fabrication of glass splashback begin after the kitchen plan is finalised. As we said earlier, once measured and cut, there’s no going back on the glass unless you’re ready to get another one and pay again.

So, it’s important that you get the plan and placements of different kitchen components right. It includes cabinetry, hob, hood, counter sockets, switches, backlighting, etc.

Another factor to decide before ordering the glass splashback is that how much space you would want to cover between the countertops and the cabinetry. There are different ways of doing it, and a professional glass splashback service company can help you with it.

Texture and Finish

Textures create unique perspectives of depth, colour and movement. While there are many different textures to consider, we can classify all of them into three main categories.

  • Glossy glass that has a high reflective quality.
  • Matted glass that has a low reflective quality.
  • Frosted glass that blurs images but transmits light.

Then there are printed glass splashback, laminated glass, pearled glass, liquid, quartz, brick and many more. You’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to the texture and finish of glass splashbacks.

Fixing your Glass Splashback

While professional fixing companies use specialised laser equipment with high precision to ensure a proper fit, you may discuss with them about the ways of fixing your custom glass splashback.

Two popular ways of fixing are generally seen. They are:

  • Adhesive – it creates a neat and seamless look that is contemporary.
  • Screws – it creates a retro or an industrial look, which is a modern trend.

However, if you’re choosing screws or the design demands it, ensure that you have the hole locations finalized and plotted before you place the order for the glass splashback.

If you’re gunning for a classy kitchen without any compromises, just go ahead and contact a professional splashback service company to discuss various glass kitchen splashback options. The only trouble you will have is deciding which one to pick among hundreds of stunning options.