How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

It’s not easy to make small spaces look grand; especially the bathroom, an area of the home that is always full of different things by default. There’s not just enough room in a bathroom for all that it needs to contain, and it can feel as though every object you place inside makes you feel swamped.

The key to making small places appear larger is through careful organisation. If you can find a way to utilise each space to its fullest and manage to keep things in their place, your bathroom could look amazing. Sadly, this can actually be really tricky to sustain in real life.

Thankfully, however, we have done some research and found a couple of easy tricks that will help you achieve the level of organisation you need to make that bathroom of yours look spacious and welcoming.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for making a small bathroom look larger.

Use storage effectively

Remember, less is more! Try to use the storage space in your bathroom as effectively as possible, keeping things organised at all times. You don’t want to leave your blow dryer, toothbrush, and hairbrush out there for everyone to see if you’re trying to use space effectively.

To make this easier, you can make a few tweaks here and there. Get a vanity, small drawers, long and open shelves, amongst other storage compartments. Some tips include:

  1. Get corner and floating shelves as they’re excellent for small spaces,
  2. Hang baskets of pot plants on the wall for your appliances,
  3. Use a wine rack as a wall towel holder, and
  4. Get storage ladders or open shelving. These are long, slim, and tall; perfect for when more space is needed.
Overall bathroom tones

It’s no secret that darker shades will make any space look smaller. When choosing the shade for your bathroom, we recommend that you always try to go for white. Ideally you would go for an all white bathroom (tiles, walls, and fixtures) as it reflects like no other shade and opens up any space, no matter how small.

If you can’t afford to renovate and your bathroom tiles aren’t white, then try to keep your bathroom a similar colour palette. It’ll keep the room harmonious which in turn will make it appear more spacious. If you have darker coloured tiles, however, then choose a lighter shade to paint the walls instead of painting them dark.


It’s no secret that mirrors will make any space look bigger and brighter. They reflect the light on every surface, so the bigger you can go on the mirror, the better. In fact, if you place two mirrors on opposite sides of the bathroom then you can create a great effect of openness and space.

You can even cover a large portion of a wall, or the whole wall if possible. A full length, frameless mirror against the sink will add depth to any space, especially if they are small.

Medicine cabinets

While it’s true that medicine cabinets will add more invisible storage to your bathroom, their mirror tends to be small, and as mentioned earlier, the bigger the better. So if you find yourself in a dilemma between a mirror and medicine cabinet, for spaciousness we recommend to go with the mirror over the cabinet.


Good lighting is key to making spaces look bigger and better. Of course the darker a place is, the less you’ll actually see. In the case of a small space, if we’re able to illuminate every corner and see it, the room will appear more spacious in our minds.

Use clear blinds, and if you don’t have a window, make sure the artificial lighting in the room is intense and bright. Ceiling spotlights are preferable as they have use no visual space.


Always go for smaller furniture. That way, there’ll be room to appreciate and utilise the rest of the space.

Floating vanities without legs are best for keeping appliances out of sight and organised without taking up too much visual space. Otherwise, you can use open shelving as mentioned earlier in the article.

It’s important to know that open shelves will force you to carefully choose what you have on display, so in your fast-paced day-to-day routine it may be hard to keep tidy. With a floating vanity, on the other hand, you can afford to be a little messier as you can close the door and forget what’s inside.

If you don’t have a vanity or shelves, you can instead use stackable baskets to keep your items in place.


Going for a plain pedestal sink can be perfectly minimum, but sometimes the dead space under the sink could have been perfect for storing those things you don’t want to be seen. So while your bathroom will definitely look more spacious with a pedestal sink, it’ll be harder to find room to keep all your things organised. Before you make this purchase, consider your appliances and items and daily routine.


Choose clear glass for the shower door material as it will allow your eye to travel the full length of the room, while also looking modern and contemporary. If you can’t afford to renovate, use a clear plastic shower curtain in lieu of glass.


Bigger tiles versus smaller tiles will always be the preference. The bigger the tile, the less grout lines, which helps to create the illusion of a larger, broader space.

Colour accents

As mentioned earlier, keeping your bathroom in the same tones of white or clear hues is best. However, adding little colour accents to the walls can work as a focal point that directs the eyes towards colour instead of lack of bathroom space. To achieve this, you can showcase colourful hand towels, robes, soap, or even a small rug.

These tips can help make even the smallest of bathrooms appear a little larger to the eye. Using reflection, organisation, colour, and harmony can all work to make a place appear more spacious and open without the need to knock a wall down.