How to Choose a Splashback That Elevates Your Bathroom Design

When renovating or updating your bathroom you’ll need to make multiple decisions on tile colours, fittings, finishes and more. However, the most important decision could be choosing your bathroom splashback.

Your splashback and vanity should tie together the room’s design and make a statement, but it should also be practical and easy to clean. So we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to choosing the perfect splashback to elevate your bathroom design.

Consider your bathroom’s design

Before you even think about the type of splashback you want, consider your bathroom’s design. What look are you trying to achieve?

Modern, minimalist or classic and classy? Are you going for an all-white bathroom with touches of colour, or something a little more understated with neutral tones and hard-wearing fittings?

Whatever you decide, make sure your splashback complements your bathroom’s design by selecting similar materials, colours and styles. For example, if you’re going for a classic all-white look, a white glass splashback could be the perfect option.

Choose the right material

There are several materials you can use for your bathroom’s splashback but the most popular are tiles and glass.

Tiles can look great if chosen carefully but are generally more expensive and time consuming to install. They also require more cleaning to remain free of mould and grit, which tends to build up and discolour the grout over the years.

Glass splashbacks, on the other hand, are easy to clean, can be installed in as little as an hour and could come with a warranty of up to 10 years, on some DecoGlaze products.

Go for a mirrored splashback

Most bathroom vanities tend to have both a splashback and a mirror, but why not combine the two? Mirrored splashbacks can sit flush with your vanity, serving a dual purpose while giving your bathroom a modern, minimalist look.

Mirrored splashbacks are particularly effective in small bathrooms where they create the illusion of space, giving you the sense of being in a much larger room.

Make a statement

If you like a bold, daring design you could make a statement with your splashback. Think brightly-coloured glass, printed tiles or even a custom printed splashback featuring a photo you took yourself.

Whatever you do, make sure your statement splashback ties in with the rest of your bathroom’s design and doesn’t clash with your vanity and other fittings. To that end, it may be better to go with a neutral design for the rest of your bathroom design to highlight your statement splashback.

Think about cost

Renovating your bathroom can be great fun but it’s easy to get a little excited when picking your colours, materials, fixtures and fittings. In fact, people often get carried away with the fun and forget the practical side of their projects.

That’s why it’s important to always set a budget beforehand and stick to it. If you’re not sure what your budget should be, speak to a few tradies and get several quotes to get a rough idea of what you could be paying to achieve the look you want.

Choose your suppliers

When spending hundreds, thousands or more on your bathroom renovation, it’s absolutely essential you get it right. For that reason it’s a good idea to always use quality suppliers with a name you can trust.

Go for longer-lasting materials that will look great now and in 10 years time, preferably with long warranty periods if possible. And last of all, make sure you only choose installers who have a good reputation and are known for quality workmanship.

Ready to get started on your next bathroom renovation?

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