With its rivers, lakes, and nearby national parks, Penrith is a great part of the world to live in, and you can capture the unique colours of this beautiful region in a DecoGlaze™ coloured glass splashback. In fact, you can capture any colours you want, because our splashbacks are custom-made to suit your tastes and your décor.

Our Impressions range even lets you have your own images and designs printed onto the glass, and the unique reflective qualities of these panels will bring your kitchen or bathroom to life with colour, depth, and a greater feeling of space. So if you live out west and want an affordable and easy-to-install design feature to brighten up your home, take a look at our stunning range online or visit the DecoGlaze™ showroom in Seven Hills.

What sets DecoGlaze™ apart?

DecoGlaze™ was founded in 1998 and we now have distributors in a wide number of areas including Canberra, the NSW South Coast, Hunter Valley, Central West and Central Coast, and also in South East Queensland and the UK.

We’ve built our business on a passionate commitment to customer service and we deliver on this every day in the following ways:

  • An industry-best lead time of 5 to 7 working days,
  • A 10 year written guarantee on every splashback we produce, and
  • Fast installation of around one hour.

This commitment to providing the best possible service has seen us become preferred supplier for many residential and commercial projects ,and is reflected in our backing by the National Coloured Glass Association (NCGA), an industry association dedicated to continual improvement of product quality and customer service.

DecoGlaze™ is now the world’s leading manufacturer of coloured glass splashbacks, and is a proudly Australian owned company producing a range of high quality glass products. These include coloured glass splashbacks, toughened mirrors (Reflections), coloured glass panels, and our special Impression Series splashbacks, which allow you to add your own images and designs to the glass.

Bring any environment to life

Whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or entertainment area at home or your elevator, lobby, reception area or boardroom at work, there’s a coloured glass splashback for every situation. If you’d like a free quote from us, all you have to do is get in touch and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Either drop into one of our showrooms, give us a call during business hours on (02) 9624 7099, or fill in the online form provided and we’ll get back to you with a quote ASAP. So get in touch with us today and put a splash of colour in your life with DecoGlaze™, the world’s leading manufacturer and installer of coloured glass splashbacks.

DecoGlaze is more than just Australia's leading Glass Splashback provider!

Our painted, printed and mirrored splashbacks can be used in a multitude of scenarios - from kitchens to bathrooms to hotel lobbies... even the interiors of lifts!

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