Frosted Glass Splashbacks for Home – Tips & Ideas

It’s translucent. It gives privacy and better light control and it renders a touch of artistic edge to the home space.

Meet Frosted Glass!

Frosted glass has the brightness and elegance of glass, but with a non-reflective finish. Modern kitchens yearn for the gorgeous, icy texture and smooth, stain-resistant properties of frosted glass. It adds a luxurious finish to your kitchen with various textured effects and designs.

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Types of Frosted Glass

Did you know there are different types of frosted glass depending on the type of treatment it undergoes? There is sandblasted, carved, glass film and more. We’ll explore them all throughout this post.

Sandblasted Frosted Glass

In sandblasting, the glass is sprayed with sand or other abrasive particles with a high-power blasting machine, which erodes the surface of the glass. This creates the characteristic rough surface and the translucent quality of frosted glass.

The intensity and depth of sandblasting can be adjusted to achieve different levels of opacity of glass.

Sandblasting is ideal when you require fully-frosted glass or a plain, simple design.

Carved Glass

Carving or sculpture carving the glass requires going deeper into the glass. Designs are carved in detail obtaining different depths within the carved image. This creates a three-dimensional sculpted image in the glass.

The carved edges within the design will appear brighter as they pick up and reflect the surrounding light.

This is an art form in itself. Precision carving techniques are used to carve into the glass and create complex patterns and designs.

Glass Film

In this treatment for frosted glass, the “film” is pressed behind the glass to create a frosted glass look. Glass film is designed to obscure glass for privacy and added security at home or the office.

The glass film is durable and easy to apply, it will take only a few minutes. A number of contemporary designs and patterns are available with cut-to-size options.

Acid-Etched Frosted Glass

This frosting process also makes the glass opaque, smooth and durable. Acid etching is a kind of glass treatment technique that etches frost patterns on glass walls, windows and doors.

Regular glass is treated with hydrofluoric acid creating uniform opacity and a smooth texture. The treatment is usually done on one side of the glass. The depth of the etching can be set according to different gradients of light, medium or heavy opacity.

The treatment leaves a robust etching on the glass that doesn’t degrade or fade even if you wash it. The glass is totally unaffected by long-term exposure to moisture, humidity or natural oils.

The glass can be cut and toughened even after the frosting process. In the end, what you get is a unique, tough glass with a glimmering finish that amplifies 90% of natural light.

Using Frosted Glass Splashbacks in Your Home

Let’s look at the ways we can incorporate frosted glass splashbacks into your home.


Can you imagine how stylish it would be to have a frosted glass splashback behind the oven hob, above your worktop and on the island kicker panel? Frosted glass radiates unique colour and design characteristics.

A lot of natural light gets reflected by these matte-finish glass splashbacks. These avoid unwanted glare as well.

All the oil splatter, smudges and fingerprints that tend to be on the splashback areas can be cleaned easily without ruining the finish of the glass or any abrasives.

Tip: Use sanitary grade sealants to keep the area hygienic. Do make sure these sealants are mildew and mould resistant.


The bathroom might be a space where people use frosted glass the most. Frosted glass can be used as a wall cladding that can reflect natural light from the window. It also protects the shower wall from moisture and mould.

A frosted glass wall in the bathroom can still be impacted by the limescale soap scum and other minerals. However, it is easy to wipe away that dirt and grime with just a rough cloth.

Other Spaces

Creative thinking often leads to combining frosted glass elements in a space. For example, frosted glass can be used in cabinet doors, island kickers, doors, windows and partitions. They add to the sophistication of your modern decor.

They let natural light seep through while keeping up the privacy. Designers have also realised the surging trend for coloured frosted glass panels.

Final Cut

If you’re looking to transform your home spaces into something unique and impressive, we would recommend installing frosted glass. This brings an ambience of modern elegance to a room, be it a kitchen or bathroom or bedroom. Its opaque characteristic adds privacy, low maintenance and inspiration for you.

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