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All Surface Cleaner "One Spray – all surfaces!"

DecoGlaze™ has created an All Surface Cleaner that is uniquely formulated to clean Glass Splashbacks, mirrors , granite bench-tops, stainless steel, stone and timber! With an easy-to-use pump pack, this versatile cleaner is a must for maintaining sleek, shiny and clean surfaces in your home or office.

Take the hassle out of cleaning coloured Glass Splashbacks, mirrors, benchtops, frameless showerscreens and tables – the All Surface Cleaner can be used on any surface, eliminating the need to keep a wide range of household or office cleaning products at hand. The All Surface Cleaner will protect your new Splashbacks whilst maintaining the 'as new' look. In only having to buy one cleaning product, you save time and money – leaving you more time to simply enjoy your home. Any stain, every surface. Able to remove light grease, dirt, grime, dust, food spills, soap scum and mildew, the DecoGlaze™ All Surface Cleaner can do it all. Making it easy to clean Kitchen Splashbacks and the rooms that attract the most mess. Use the All Surface Cleaner on: The All Surface Cleaner leaves surfaces bright and clean, residue-free and without scratches.

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DecoGlaze™ 's All Surface Cleaner is:
  • Powerful
  • Gentle
  • Economical
  • Non-abrasive

Testimonals >>

  • The product that does all my shiny surfaces without leaving any marks.
    - Elaine from Glenmore Park
  • This is so good that we have ordered it online for over 3 years now - our favourite all purpose spray
    - Ian from Cooks Hill
  • Easy, great product to use.
    - Tony from North Maclean